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"New Year's Eve - Half Note Lounge"

Half Note Lounge - what can I say but this place and it's management team sure know how to throw a party. The music was great, Style Band, performed their renditions of many songs for the grown and sexy. The food...hmmm, I can still taste the crab dip, the chicken wings, ham, black eyed peas for good luck :) Let me stop - the food, atmosphere, the people and the ambiance made celebrating 2011 a TREAT!

"The Best Christmas Gift to Myself"

I'm very blessed this Christmas Day for my family and friends. But what I'm most proud of is that I've completed and published my first romantic-suspense novel, entitled "Gotta Let It Go."


Moments before Deidre Hunter signs the papers that will end her marriage to her cheating husband, her best friend and divorce attorney gets murdered. Devastated by this tragedy, she sets out with one intent: to find the killer. In the midst of the investigation she finds herself attracted to Hill Harris, the handsome but elusive homicide detective assigned to handling the case. Despite his warnings to follow proper police procedures, she strikes out to uncover clues on the crime-ridden streets of Baltimore which forces her into dangerous circumstances and potential heartache.

Readers can visit my website at

Also, you can read an excerpt at

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!!

"Symphony of Lights"

This evening my family and I went to the "Symphony of Lights" in Columbia, Maryland. This is a spectacular display of 70 larger than life animated and stationary light displays which has been a long standing community tradition for 17 years. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland :)

The festivities kicked off on November 22, 2010 and runs through January 2, 2011. It's a must see with family and friends!

"Tis the Season for Lots of Parties, etc"

This past Wednesday, a group of friends and I hung out at Anabel Lee Tavern in Canton, Maryland. Although it's a small venue (most folks sit at the bar, others at the very tables they do have), we had a good time. The drinks were not watered down (lol). I had the Masque of the Red Death (Stoli Blackberi, Pama Ligueur, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry) - this drink was goood. For appetizer we shared the BBQ chicken and Applewood Smoked Bacon Nachos. I had the Crab Cake Platter (no filler here) for dinner and the Red Velvet Cake for dessert - yuuuummm! Excellent evening!

Check out the website:

"Christmas Is In the Air"

Well, I ventured out this morning to get a head start on buying a few things at the mall. By the time I was walking back to my car, the parking lot was totally unrecognizable - folks driving slowing behind you so they can get your parking spot, others parked along the curbs, etc. I simply couldn't wait to get into the sanctity and warmth of my home. Yes, Christmas is indeed in the air!


Standing Alone
by Chase

I can see the flower upon which my life grows, blooming into a rose.

See the hope and courage in the strength of the petals.
As long as I am, I will be.
The flower will never wilt or die.
As my life grows back, I shall become strong.
I shall become only dependent on one.
That one will be me.
I will rise with my petals high.
My life as a flower will bloom and prosper as I grow.
I may not be the pick of the patch, but I am just as beautiful as the rest.

I will stand as one, but not a lonely soul.
The tears will be far from my smile.

"Half Note Lounge"

In celebration of my birthday, my homegirl and I went to the Half Note Lounge in Bowie. The music as always was good and the band, Style, was phenomenal. There was no shortage of dance partners and I was treated like VIP - wine (Relax Riesling), strawberry daiquiri with whipped cream (my favorite drink) and cheesecake covered with strawberry drizzle (my all time favorite dessert).

Good food, good music, good drinks, good friends, good laughter and good fun - who could ask for anything more! It was truly a wonderful time!

"Z - Zodiac"

I'm truly in love with my zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarians have a positive outlook on life, are full of enterprise, energy, versatility, adventurousness and eagerness to extend experience beyond the physically familiar. They enjoy travelling and exploration, the more so because their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thought. They are basically ambitious and optimistic, and continue to be so even when their hopes are dashed. Their strongly idealistic natures can also suffer many disappointments without being affected. They are honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere, with a passion for justice. They are usually on the side of the underdog in society they will fight for any cause they believe to be just, and are prepared to be rebellious. They balance loyalty with independence.

* Traveling
* getting to the heart of the matter
* Freedom
* Laws and meanings
* the general 'feel' of things

* Off the wall t…

"Happy Thanksgiving"

We should be thankful at this time of year for whatever we have in our lives (doesn't how little it may be). I'm thankful for my family and my circle of friends. I'm thankful for live and all that it has to offer.

My Very Special Day!

Some birthday wishes from my friends:

Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday dear Dee Bunny! Happy birthday to you! Hope today and all days continue to be blessed for you! Luv ya lots! AC

"Because today's so special it really wouldn't do, to send one simple birthday wish to last the whole year through...So this wishes happy moments, a day when dreams come true, and a year that's filled with all the things that mean the most to you. Happy Birthday." HB

"Happy birthday girl!" SB

"A little birdie told me a's your BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday to you. Have a great birthday and here's hoping you will live to see many, many more. Have a blast!!! LC

"T - Trustworthy"

My friends always tell me that if ever they want to talk about their issues and not have it repeated then I'm the one to talk to. I'm like a "vault" they would say or their information is "stored in the bat cave" - lol.

"P - polite"

It costs nothing to be polite. I was taught good manners since I was a child and it amazes me how difficult it is for some people to simply say "hello," "good morning," "thank you," etc.

"African Art Museum & Teaism"

Another adventure in Washington, DC. I met a friend and we visited the African Art Museum (Grass Roots African Origins of an American Art) - very engaging.

Afterward, we had dinner/tea at Teaism, very eclectic - loved it. Great day!

"I - Intelligent"

Researching is one of my strong points. If you spend time researching anything, it could be restaurants, best bargains around town, the latest gadgetry, etc. you name, I will have done my research. So much so, I've earned the nickname "nerd" - lol

"H - Happy"

Happiness is a state of mind. I've learned over the years that misery loves company and if I buy into it then I'm no better at perpetuating the cycle of unhappiness. What I will say, however, is that I'm happy most of the time and that's a blessing!

"G - Grateful"

I'm grateful for all the blessings that has been bestowed upon me. I'm grateful to have learned from the pitfalls in my life. I'm grateful for my family and friends who love me for the person that I am. I'm grateful for the opportunities to share my knowledge with others. I'm grateful for just being me!

"F - Fun"

I love to have fun. Today, I went to "For Sisters Only" at the Washington Convention Center and it was great to see everyone out and about selling their products, having a conversation with the crowd about relationships, how to spend your money, how to find a good career, etc. The line of performers was awesome: Donell Jones, Faith Evans, Monica - all great acts. They had the crowd singing and dancing and just having a good time.

Overall, it was an excellent day!

"C - Cautious"

By nature I'm very cautious. Some of my friends would say that I tend to "over think" things, but the fact of the matter is I like to be fully informed and think about the consequences before making any rash decisions.

November marks my Birthday Month!!

In celebration of my birthday month, I'm going to focus on one letter of the alphabet for the next 26 days that describes me. So I'll start with the letter A today.

A = ambitious. I've always been a strong advocate for education and making and achieving my goals. Being ambitious simply means that I set the bar higher for myself and even those around me when I know that they are not maximizing their potential. Being ambitious can be contagious - the sky is the limit!

"The Town"

I really enjoyed this movie which was directed by Ben Affleck. See the synopsis below:

"As he plans his next job, a longtime thief tries to balance his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists, as well as the FBI agent looking to bring him and his crew down."

This movie was packed with action and fearlessness from the thieves. The FBI was relentless in tracking them down but if a thief is good at his job then the showdown will be a great cat and mouse game and this movie really delivered. Two thumbs UP!!

The AFI - "Scarlet Street"

This afternoon I joined members of the Resurrectionists Club to see a 1945 film noir "Scarlet Street," part of a series of film of the Noir City City Film Festival at the AFI in Silver Spring. The cast included Edward G. Robinson (Christopher Cross), Joan Bennett (Katharine "Kitty" March)and Dan Duryea (Johnny Prince). See the storyline below:

Chris Cross, 25 years a cashier, has a gold watch and little else. That rainy night, he rescues delectable Kitty from her abusive boyfriend Johnny. Smitten, amateur painter Chris lets Kitty think he's a wealthy artist. At Johnny's urging, she lets Chris establish her in an apartment (with his shrewish wife's money). There, Chris paints masterpieces; but Johnny sells them under Kitty's name, with disastrous and ironic results. (Written by Rod Crawford )

This movie was a classic: love triangle with a tragic ending which leaves the true killer half-crazy out of his mind. Excellent film by director Fritz Lang.

"L’amour l’après-midi" (Love in the Afternoon)

Excellent Movie!

The Plot (wiki):
Frédéric (Bernard Verley), a young, successful lawyer, is happily married to Hélène (Françoise Verley), an English teacher, and father to one child, with another on the way. Still, something eats away at him. While going through his day, Frédéric begins to ponder the times before he was married, when he was free to be with any woman he wanted and could feel the deep satisfaction of anticipation while he chased them. At one point in the film, he has an elaborate fantasy where he possesses a magical amulet that causes all women to bow to his will (the sequence features actresses from previous "Moral Tales"). These thoughts do not distress Frédéric though, as he sees these ideas as a reflection of how true his love to his wife is.

One day, an old friend shows up suddenly at Frédéric's office. Chloé (Zouzou) was the girlfriend of an old friend, a woman who caused his friend a great deal of grief. At first he believes she only wants something fr…

"Dexter" - Season 5

I'm been a huge fan of Dexter since it debuted on October 1, 2006. Dexter played by Michael C. Hall (if you remember him from "Six Feet Under") is an excellent actor who does the role justice. In other words some viewers just love to hate him while others LOVE him because he's dishing out his own brand of justice.

This season, I can't wait to see how Dexter is dealing with the loss of his wife and now being a single parent caring for his young son, Harrison. Of course, Dexter is concerned because his son was left sitting in a pool of blood crying while his mother was lying dead in the bath tub. Awesome writing! This show keeps you guessing at every turn.

"The Wiz"

This Saturday evening I ventured out with my family to see "The Wiz" at Center Stage in Baltimore. I was excited to see this version of the story based on L. Frank Baum's beloved classical, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." I was not disappointed as I snapped my fingers and bopped my head to the '70s rock and Motown melodies.

The cast was energetic and interjected modern day issues like the recession, unemployment and even a mention of "East Baltimore" (I got a laugh out of that). I loved Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man,and the Lion as they ventured along the Yellow Brick Road and matched wits with the Wiz, the witches and the menacing monkeys.

It was a delightful play and I highly recommend that everyone take their family and friends and ease on down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and the rest of the cast!

"Linha De Passe" Brazilian Movie at the AFI

Excellent movie. See synopsis below:

Four brothers from the São Paulo slum navigate life in the 20 million-strong megacity and their own progress toward adulthood in this engrossing family drama. Dario has his heart set on making a top club soccer team, and knows at 18 it's his last chance to break in. Dingo holds down a job at a gas station, but finds more fulfillment attending his evangelical church. Dênis, the oldest, has a child he rarely sees and can't support with what little he earns as a motorcycle courier. Reginaldo, the youngest, dreams of finding his long-absent father, a bus driver, and plays detective exploring the city's public transportation. For her portrayal of Cleuza, the boys' harried, hard-working mother, desperate to conceal her latest pregnancy from her employers for fear of losing her housecleaning job, Sandra Corveloni deservedly won the Best Actress Prize at Cannes.

"Stoney River Legendary Steaks"

After a very hectic week, I joined a friend of mine for dinner at Stoney River Legendary Steaks, a restaurant known for its steaks. Although the wait was almost an hour, the food was worth it. The lump crab meat appetizer was delicious followed by the Szechuan Salmon with thai rice and spinach was mouth watering.

Great dining experience! Check out their website at

"Blessing of the Mentoring Program"

Part of the kick off for the mentoring program is the blessing of the program. Essentially, this means that the mentoring program is given a special "shout out" during the service and the mentees and mentors are called up to the front of the church and given a special blessing for the upcoming mentoring/school year.

At the church service, the theme was "Faith In God." The message was that if we have faith (belief and trust) in Jesus Christ, the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains, and that all things are possible. The only thing that could get in our way of overcoming life's obstacles, strength to endure hardships, guidance in our life's journey and joy is fear and doubt. What I got from this sermon is that while prayer may not change our circumstances or make things happen quickly, it will definitely change you. Faith, as the pastor told the congregation is not a "get out of suffering card." Basically, it all in how you deal with life…

"Kick off of the Mentoring Program"

Today marked the beginning of the woman-to-woman mentoring program which I've been involved with for the past six years. It was great to see all the mentees and the mentors back together, excited and geared up for the new school year. I look forward to helping to shape young minds for the future.

"Half Note Lounge" - Another Adventure

Another Saturday night out at Half Note Lounge. As always the food was superb, the drinks especially the Strawberry Lemonade and the Bacardi Hawaiian Punch were the envy of some tables until the patrons ordered their own :)

The band, Style, was off the chain. The singers did renditions of various songs including Erykah Badu's "Window Seat," some DC go go music, hip hop and had everyone on the dance floor working up a sweat - myself included.

Time flew by and before we knew it - it was 1:30 a.m. On our way out, we met a few people, including - Chef Robert L. Jackson and thanked him for preparing the delicious dishes and dessert.

"Daycation - Part Deux - Washington, DC"

Well Summer is on the verge of winding down, so my brother and I decided to head back to D.C. to visit a few more museums.

This time we visited the following museums/gardens/sights:

The Sackler Gallery/Freer Art Gallery - The Exhibitions were breathtaking (Perspectives - Hai Bo, this artist photographed himself in the same location during the four seasons; Gods of Angkor; Cornucopia - ceramics from Southern Japan; masterpieces of Chinese paintings; Arts of the Islamic World Galleries; Ancient Egyptian Art; Korean Art). When I was viewing some Hindu art, I noticed a very interesting belief held by the Hindus. They believed everyone should aspire to four gods for life on earth:

1. Dharma - righteous living
2. Artha - wealth acquired through the pursuit of profession
3. Karma - human love
4. Moksha - spiritual salvation

The Smithsonian Castle - I really enjoyed the "Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection," which opened in June 2010. This Former Secretary of State used pins t…

"Fell's Point"

Today, my brother and I spent the afternoon in Fell's Point, a historic waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore. We walked along the cobbled stone streets, browsed through a few boutique stores which offered a wide variety of jewelry, clothing, furnishings and antiques. We stopped at the Broadway Pier and watched folks lining up for the water taxi that would take them to different sides of the Harbor. Then we had lunch at The Waterfront Hotel - good food but service could have been a lot better...oh well, it appears not everyone is cut out for giving great customer service.

So here are some pictures of my day :)

"Victoria Gastro Pub"

I went there today for my cousin's surprise birthday party. It was a brunch celebration and I had the English breakfast but when I looked at another table and saw the Cobb salad, my mouth started to water.

Anyway, I enjoyed my meal and at the end we had the pineapple cake - Yum. It was a very nice occasion and I would likely go back but will definitely make a reservation. There was a long wait on our way out! Very popular for a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Check out their website:

"Hanging with Friends"

Downtown Silver Spring is the new spot to hang out at on the weekends: lots of people, kids playing at the water fountain, music wafting through the air, etc. This evening I met a couple of my friends there and we had dinner at Red Lobster. We had a good time laughing, talking about movies and books, and the weddings that there were recently in.

When we walked out of the restaurant we were greeted by a live band performing songs reminiscent of strolling through the streets of New Orleans. We then we stopped at Ben & Jerry's for ice cream before browsing DSW and Borders (gossip magazine section - lol, then the newest releases).

Very nice outing!

"Premiere of Dark Blue"

Dark Blue: one of my favorite police undercover shows premiered tonight on TNT (2 hours). This is another hit from Jerry Bruckheimer. In the pilot which aired on July 15, 2009, Dean (Logan Marshall-Green)was suspected of murdering an FBI agent and it was up to his boss Lt. Carter Shaw (Dylan McDermott) to prove Dean's loyalty. Since then the team has gone undercover in some very dangerous situations. It was a great ride and I was happy the show got picked up for a second season.

Well, Season 2 is here and I can't get enough of the team:

Dylan McDermott - Lt. Carter Shaw (unhinged, dedicated, defiant, protective of his team)
Omari Hardwick - Ty Curtis (married, loving, cautious, extra marital affairs undercover??)
Logan Marshall-Green - Dean Bendis (serious, secretive, edgy, aggressive)
Nicki Aycox - Jaimie Allen (secretive, lied to fiance about who she really is, past drug addicted life, very good liar, reinvented herself/new identity to become a cop)
Tricia Helfer - Alex Rice (new …

"Daycation - Washington, DC"

Well, my brother and I decided to take a daycation in Washington, DC to visit the museums and simply enjoy the day. We started out at 11 a.m.

Our first stop was at the African Art Museum. The artifacts, masks and art work were awesome. I couldn't get enough of the rich history and the stories behind the creation of the various pieces.

Our next stop was at the Holocaust Museum. While it was solemn, it was very interesting to see Hitler's rise to power in 1933, the end of the concentration camps and the opening of Israel. We walked through the Hall of Remembrance and watched the visual documentaries and testimony films of Holocaust survivors.

On a lighter note, we did a rather quick tour of the National Museum of American History. The first exhibit we saw was the First Ladies of the Smithsonian - it was interesting to see the transition of the first ladies styles throughout the years. Then we popped in to see "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing: How the Apollo Theater Shap…


Just got back from seeing this movie starring Angelina Jolie. This was an espionage thriller flick with lots of twists and turns. Angelina plays Evelyn Salt who is accused of being a Russian spy and becomes a federal fugitive.

Angelina gave a great performance - the action sequences were awesome...she didn't disappoint. The rest of the cast was rounded out with two actors I enjoy watching:

Liev Schreiber, plays Ted Winter (loved him in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "Defiance")

Chiwetel Ejiofor, plays Peabody (loved him in "American Gangster," and "Talk to Me")

Two Thumbs Up! Looking forward to the next adventure.

La Cinémathèque : "WELCOME"

This evening I went to The Charles Theatre in Baltimore to see a foreign film entitled "Welcome." It's part of the theatre's cinematheque series.

Bilal is 17 years old, a Kurdish boy from Iraq. He sets off on an adventure-filled journey across Europe. He wants to get to England to see his love who lives there. Bilal finally reaches Calais, but how do you cover 32 kilometers of the English Channel when you can't swim? The boy soon discovers that his trip won't be as easy as he imagined... The community of struggling illegal aliens in Calais is captured with authenticity, from the point of view of people who arrived there knowing nothing about France. This immigrant drama, with wonderful performances by the actors, is a strong story which uses documentary austerity and minimalist style to create a great emotional impact.

This film was quite moving and gave a whole a new meaning to the word "determination." I was truly impressed with Bilal's…

"Half Note Lounge"

Saturday night adventure. I made it all the way out to Bowie to chill with some friends at the Half Note Lounge. This was my first time at this jazz spot and when I walked in, I fell in love with the place. The atmosphere, live band, the delicious cuisine, the staff and the crowd - AWESOME. I felt right at home, unwinding outside, drinking some Relax Riesling, enjoying some jambalaya, having great conversations and being treated like a queen!

I had a wonderful time and look forward to hanging out there again. See for yourself, check out the website:

"Stanford Grill"

Stanford Grill recently opened its doors on May 24, 2010 in Columbia, MD. And I finally made it out to this fine dining American cuisine restaurant this evening with a friend of mine.

The food was moderately priced. I ordered the rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. The house salad and the dressing were awesome. Of course, I had to get two boxes for my leftovers because the portions were very hearty. I loved the atmosphere and the staff including the greeters and the manager...they were very warm and welcoming.

I'd definitely dine there again! Visit their website at:

"My Summertime Guilty Pleasures"

With the summer heat rising at 90 degrees and above, it's time to indulge in what makes me happy. Here are some of my guilty pleasures:

Iced coffee from anywhere
McCafé Mocha Frappé
Summer movie blockbusters
Summer TV lineups (True Blood, Hawthorne, Rescue Me, Dark Blue, etc)
Hanging out with friends at the spur of the moment
Halter tops
Cool summer dresses
Finding great bargains on clothes and shoes
Manicures/pedicures with bold designs
Laying by the pool reading a good book
Sprucing up my deck with beautiful flowers
Driving with the windows/sun roof open late in the evening when the sun goes down
Working out at the gym - although I'd be drenched in sweat BUT a good sweat!
Daycations - Exploring new places
Dining outside at restaurants

Catching up on "The Tudors"

I've finally had some time to catch up on the fourth season of "The Tudors." King Henry VIII played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a very interesting guy to say the least. His portrayal of King Henry throughout the season is much to be applauded as well as his portrayal of a man scorned by some of his six wives, two of which were beheaded.

It's amazing how man hasn't changed much throughout the centuries, always wanting more and more until it engulfs them. Showtime did an excellent job bringing this story to life and I look forward to similar stories of greed, lust and deceit in the near future.

"New York" - concrete jungle

New York is a very special place: bright lights, big city, theater district, high-finance, knock off designer purses, bad drivers, etc.

Last week, I spent some time with friends in Brooklyn. We went shopping on Flatbush Avenue and needless to say if you're looking for great customer service, you can just forget about it. It's not like I'm not used to the curt and abrupt behavior by the sales staff but when it was consistent from store to store, it really pissed me off. What the sales staff fail to realize is that they'll lose customers who are willing to spend money but I guess it doesn't really matter when the customers have as much attitude as they do.

Needless to say, I got some great bargains after I realized that there was no changing in their behavior. I settled into a certain mindset until it was time to come back to Maryland where this type of behavior would've been readily reported to the store manager. But, as the saying goes: When in New York do as th…

"Lights Out for 24"

Monday, May 24, 2010 marked the official ending of 24, a heart thumping series on Fox which premiered in November 2001 starring Kiefer Sutherland as Federal Agent/CTU Jack Bauer. I've been a fan since day 1 and have truly enjoyed each and every season.

So needless to say I was totally glued to my TV to watch the last two hours as the lights went out on my favorite show. I wasn't disappointed and was glad that Jack survived although the Russians and the US will be after him for his crimes.

While the series finale was bitter sweet, I can't wait to see Jack yet again in action on the big screen!

Dinner & A Movie ("Just Wright")

Last night a friend and I hung out at Houlihan's for dinner and drinks. The place was hopping with folks laughing, eating and having a great time. Our waitress was a pleasant 17 yr old who was very attentive in taking our order. While we were waiting we observed a young couple at the end of their meal, drinking champagne and laughing. A few minutes later, the woman got up and left. Her date looked around and then followed her out the door. Within minutes their waitress (the same one handling our table) picked up the tab and realized that the couple skipped out on paying her. She frantically ran out the door but this couple disappeared.

My friend looked at me and then remarked, "Who does that? If you can't afford to dine out, don't go and then skip out on paying the bill." The waitress was completely frazzled and ran to get the manager to discuss what just happened. When the waitress came back to our table we learned that the couple racked up a bill of $75.00 befo…

The Oprah Winfrey Show - "Surviving the Unthinkable"

I'm not an avid watcher of the Oprah Winfrey Show but when I saw the show on May 6, 2010 - "Surviving The Unthinkable," my heart broke. This show was about the horrific tale of four brothers who were adopted and starved by their foster parents.

On October 19, 2003, a man called 911 at 2:30 a.m. to report a small child was digging through the trash in search of food . "He had to be under 10," the man said in the 911 call. "He's very little, a very young kid."

That child was actually 19-year-old Bruce Jackson. Bruce and his three younger brothers were nearly being starved to death by their adoptive parents, Raymond and Vanessa Jackson. At 19, Bruce weighed only 45 pounds. Fourteen-year-old TreShawn weighed 40 pounds—a typical 14-year-old weighs 115 pounds. Ten-year-old Terrell weighed 28 pounds, when he should have weighed 70 pounds. Nine-year-old Michael weighed 23 pounds instead of the 60 pounds an average child his age should weigh. At the average …


Today, I was a co-facilitator for an "Etiquette" seminar for the mentoring program. It was a joint session for both the boys and girls. It was very interesting when we gave them an Etiquette quiz to see how they would answer certain questions regarding how the sexes would act in certain situations.

One question that was not on the list which was asked by a male mentor was "How do you feel about a guy opening the door for you?" Personally, I think it's a great gesture because it shows that the guy has respect for women. However, some of the female mentees stated that it didn't really matter because they could open the door themselves. Another male mentee in the background kept saying that it's 2010 and I guess that means chivalry is dead and women should just do whatever they feel like.

At the end of the seminar we were able to show them that there are certain things that are deemed appropriate for both males and females and that etiquette and having soci…

The Simple Pleasures of Life

Sometimes we just need to step back and allow ourselves the simple pleasures of life. Like, smiling at a stranger, sleeping in on a rainy day, chatting with your friends about any and everything without passing judgment, watching a really silly movie, singing and dancing without an audience.

Well, this week I managed to chat with a few friends, smile at a stranger in yoga class and take a walk along the lake. It felt so good to be out in nature, to bask in all it's glory. Then when reality kicks in you'll be ready to handle it with a smile!

"The Coldest Winter Ever"

I just finished reading this novel by Sister Souljah today. This novel introduced readers to Winter Santiaga, the 17 year old rebellious, pampered teenage daughter of Ricky Santiaga, a notorious drug dealer. But when the FBI arrests Ricky Santiaga and seizes his house, money, guns and drugs; Winter, her mother and her three sisters lives are turned upside down. Her sisters Porshe, Lexus, and Mercedes are placed in the foster care system and her mother gets locked up for assaulting an officer. Winter escapes by pretending to be a friend of the family and must rely on the hustling tricks she's picked up from her father to survive the streets and maintain her materialistic lifestyle.

Everything that followed including being eventually turned over to child authorities, living at the House of Success, a group home for teenage girls, pissing off Simone, her partner who would boost clothes and other things for her to sell to her housemates and later hooking up with Bullet, an old boyfrie…

"Ma Rainey's Black Bottom"

This evening, I enjoyed this play by August Wilson at Center Stage in Baltimore. The performance was riveting and left the audience wanting more. August Wilson has a way with teaching life lessons through his many plays. Other plays by August Wilson that I've enjoyed are: "Radio Golf," and "Joe Turner's Come and Gone."

Synopsis (Ma Rainey's...):
In a Chicago based recording studio, Ma Rainey's band players, Cutler, Toledo, Slow Drag, and Levee turn up to record a new album of her songs. As they wait for her to arrive they banter, tell stories, joke, philosophize and argue. As the play unfolds it becomes clear that the tension is between the young hot-headed trumpeter Levee who has dreams of having his own band and veteran players Cutler and Toledo.

By the time Ma Rainey does turn up in full regalia and entourage in tow the recording schedule is badly behind, throwing the white producers Sturdyvant and Irvin into more and more irate disarray. Ma'…

"Why Did I Get Married Too"

A girlfriend and I just got back from seeing the new Tyler Perry movie, "Why Did I Get Married Too." I'd have to say this movie was very good and one of TP's best work. It explored the marriages of four couples and the ups and downs they go through. All in all, it showed that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. There will always be arguments, issues, temptations and other problems but as Janet Jackson, who plays, Patricia Agnew, a psychologist and author of a string of successful self-help books commented in one scene, "Fix it!" and that's the key if it's worth fighting for.

Farewell to "24"

"24" is one of the most exciting action shows on TV and has been for the past eight years. Kiefer Sutherland stars as special agent Jack Bauer who saves the world within a 24 hour crisis. I started watching this series in 2001 and have been a fan since then.

The series began with him working for the Los Angeles based Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), for whom he is characterized as a highly proficient agent, but one who is willing to do whatever it takes to 'do the right thing' regardless of the legality of some of his actions. Throughout the series, Bauer has to deal with multiple terrorist plots, including Presidential assassination attempts, nuclear, biological and chemical threats, and cyber attacks.

The show has won numerous awards and Kiefer has won Best Actor - Television Series Drama at the 2001 Golden Globe Awards. And I'll truly miss the show when this season ends!

Working It Out

I just got back from seeing the Play entitled "Working It Out" at Center Stage after dining at Sacha's Express on the second floor mezzanine.

Three pieces on the theme of work, performed back-to-back in one event
Mar 3–28, 2010
Three of America’s sharpest playwrights, including West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin and Mad Men staff writer Rick Cleveland, tackle the workplace in three wildly different ways.

Hidden in this Picture by Aaron Sorkin
It’s the epic closing shot of director Robert’s first movie. Everyone is watching, the cameras are rolling at a thousand dollars a foot, 694 extras are on the move, there won’t be another chance to catch this sunset moment…and three cows wander into the picture, shattering the illusion of a Marine base in Guam. Propelled by Sorkin’s signature sleek, fast-flung dialogue and acerbic humor, Hidden in this Picture pokes fun at the commercial scramble of movie-making while critically questioning artistic integrity, prompting a …

Preview of the 1st Chapter of My New Novel

I'd like you to check out the first chapter of my soon to be released romantic-suspense novel, "GOTTA LET IT GO," which is set in Baltimore, MD.

Brief Synopsis: Moments before Deidre Hunter, former assistant state’s attorney signs the divorce papers to end her marriage to her cheating husband, her best friend is murdered which forces her into dangerous circumstances and potential heartache as she tracks down the killer.

Please see link below.

Pet Peeve of the Week

It would seem that a lot of folks were in a hurry this week to get to nowhere on the beltways, highways and in parking lots. I observed folks switching lanes without signaling, swerving because they were putting on makeup, talking or texting on the phone. Even when I was leaving a busy parking lot, this driver was so hell bent on parking so close to the entrance of the store that she blocked my view of on coming traffic which prevented me from making a left hand turn. She had no clue as she was playing with her hair until I motioned to her to move so I could see the traffic.

Another thing I observed, was folks running the red light only to end up at another red light. There really is no reason to risk the lives of others to get to nowhere.

So for all drivers who are cautious out there, remember that you save lives by driving not only for yourselves but for others as well. There really is no excuse to take your eyes off traffic. If you don't have speakerphone or blue tooth capabilit…


Well, I've finally seen the "MOVIE" that has Oscar buzz written all over it. This is another James Cameron blockbuster that has many movie goers spellbound while they eat popcorn, drink large sodas and watched through their 3D glasses.

I must say that I enjoyed watching the actions scenes which were simply fantastic, thrilling and exciting. It was great to see Sigourney Weaver, awesome actress. I also loved how realistic the facial expressions of these 10 foot tall blue creatures were - it drew me into the movie right away. Zoe Saldana (Neytiri) and Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) will now be hot commodities due to their roles as blue creatures, aka Na'vi "savages."

The storyline was very typical - big bad corporation wants to beat up on the less sophisticated people in this case "blue savages" for a commodity (grey rock) which, let me see...hmmm, belongs on their turf. But because the "grey rock" is worth $20M a kilo and the corporation MUS…

The Daily Motivator - What You've Always Wanted

I received this daily motivator today....enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

What you've always wanted

You attempted something and it did not work. But that doesn't
mean it will always fail to work.

When you truly desire to find a way, there is a way. Go back
and remind yourself why you wanted to do it in the first

The obstacles you encounter do not prevent you from getting
it done. Those obstacles enable you to get it done in a more
creative, effective, realistic and sustainable way.

Right now you are more knowledgeable and experienced than
you've ever been. Give it another go, and discover how much
more effective you've become.

Don't fret about the opportunities you've missed. Instead,
discover how those opportunities have now evolved.

The pathway may look different now, yet it is indeed still
there. Confidently take that first step, and begin to do
what you've always wanted to do.

Celebrating Black History Month

Today, my mentoring program partnered with Kappa Alpha Psi and presented a program on Black History month. The speakers highlighted the achievements of black inventors as well as the importance of an education. At the end of the program, the mentors, mentees and one member of the Kappas formed three groups and played a game to guess the name of African Americans who made significant contributions to society and it was interesting that some of us didn't know who these individuals were even when given clues. This signaled to me how important it is that we keep abreast of our history not only for the month of February but all year around.

Double Dippin'

Well, today was a very full day for me. To the point where I was accused of double dippin' in a good way. First, I attended another Baltimore Resurrectionists Club event - this time to see the movie, "The Wolfman" at Cinemark at Arundel Mills. While Benecio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins didn't disappoint me, the traffic exiting the mall did. BUT, as they say patience is a virtue.

As soon as I made my way back home, I had to get ready to see a play, "Let There Be Love," by Kwame Kwei-Armah with Avery Brooks (Spencer: For Hire, A Man Called Hawk) at Centerstage in Baltimore. This play was definitely worth the price of admission: solid writing, great performances by all, standing ovation.

Thus, double dippin' meaning that I share my time with good friends to have a good time was all worth it!

Is Civility Dead?

As a child, I was taught to say thanks, please, sir, ma'am, good morning, respect my elders, etc. I was always proud that as an adult, these lessons followed me through college and into the workplace, where so many people forget to even say "Good morning!" for fear that saying these two words would somehow cause them harm.

Lately, it seems that having manners have been lost on many people due to stress, or for whatever reasons. The other day, I held the elevator which closes rather quickly and five people jumped on. To my surprise, not even one people bothered to say "thanks." I tried not to let it bother me until a few minutes later, I held the office door for a fellow co-worker who went right through without saying "thanks." Now at this point, I was heated. I asked another co-worker why don't people have any manners anymore and is civility dead? Their response to me was "Not everyone is like you." This response threw me for a loop and …

Devastation in Haiti

The past couple of weeks has been nothing short of a horrific nightmare one which a lot of Haitians wish they could wake up from. But sadly, that's not the case. The earthquake that ripped apart Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti on January 12, 2010 damaged many historical buildings but nothing was more devastating than the many lives that were lost (150,000+ buried in mass graves?). Many countries have reached out in a humanitarian effort to pledge funds, provide food, medical assistance, rescue teams, engineers and other support.

As I watch the news coverage of the situation, I'm appalled at the violence that has erupted simply to get supplies but in some ways I can understand the angst they must be feeling - I couldn't begin to understand it. We should all try to reach out by pledging what we can to assist in this effort and be careful of giving to organizations who are trying to make a profit off this demise. One reputable organization although it has come under scr…

Jack Bauer is BACK!!!

One of my all time FAVORITE shows "24" premiered last night and continued tonight. Four hours of action packed scenes with Jack Bauer leading the fight against counter terrorism.

This season, "Day 8" takes place in New York at the United Nations as President Allison Taylor, alongside new chief of staff Rob Weiss, negotiate international security with Omar Hassan, a determined Middle Eastern leader visiting the U.S. on a peacemaking mission. Omar Hassan's brother, Farhad is caught up with the Russians to buy nuclear weapons and wants his brother dead (should be an interesting plot twist).

If you're an avid fan of this show like I am, you'll see that CTU is now revamped and under the command of razor-sharp Brian Hastings (however, I'm not too sure of his decisions sometimes). Chloe O'Brian is back with her quirkiness and former FBI agent Renee Walker (more deadlier than ever) along with some new comers: expert data analyst Dana Walsh (with a hidden…

The Baltimore Resurrectionists Club

Yes, I know it's an odd name but I was drawn to this meetup because of the wide variety of planned activities. Yesterday, I finally attended one of the BRC's meetup to see the movie, "The Book of Eli" starring Denzel Washington in White Marsh, MD. I met some very cool people and then we went for an after movie dinner at the Red Brick Station where we had a very lively discussion about movies, spirituality, music, etc.

If you haven't seen "The Book of Eli" you should definitely check it out. It had a lot of hidden biblical messages worth pondering about. The movie was shot against a post-apocalyptic backdrop with Denzel as an artful warrior - loved the fight scenes! So I hope you take away as much as I did from this movie that somethings are worth protecting and fighting for.

De-stressing and Welcoming the New Year

Holidays have a tendency to be stressful for everyone, so too is adjusting to the first week of the New Year. So, I tackled the first week of the New Year by taking a vinyasa yoga class, a break from my fitness yoga class when I can get there. This type of yoga is geared toward paying close attention to the journey between the postures. The movements are designed to create heat in the body and let’s just say that after several movements, I felt an increased circulation and I was drenched in sweat.

After class, I was relaxed, calm and ready to finish out my week. I’ll definitely try to make this a part of my exercise routine at least once a week!

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2010. Another year to embark on. I actually ventured out with some friends to celebrate New Year's Eve at Michael's 8th Avenue in Glen Burnie. The ballroom was packed with everyone eager to put on their party hats, feather tiaras, beads and blow the horns at midnight. The live band was awesome - playing a mixture for everyone. And the dance floor, well what can I was never From the electric slide, cupid shuffle to ride sally ride and purple rain, everyone had a great time.

Well, off I go to catch some zzz's ready to see what the New Year will bring.