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This evening I picked up my mentee and headed to the movies to see Limitless starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. We really enjoyed the concept of exploring 100% of your mind's capabilities - pretty cool. However, what wasn't cool is taking drugs to get to that point and worse still is the effect of not continuing to take them. The reality is that you could be in for a rude awakening like crashing and eventually dying. Yes, we got the message loud and clear! However, it was a fun ride and we really enjoyed the plot twists with the bad guys.

Two thumbs up for a great evening out and starting the weekend off right!

"Quite A Busy Day!"

This was a long week and all I wanted to do is relax and sleep in late. Well, that didn't happen. I was up at 8 am, finished up the laundry and then headed to the vehicle emissions center. The line wasn't dreadfully long so I waited patiently so that I could get the slip that said that my car passed. Then off I went to get an oil change which took a little maneuvuring to pull my car into the bay nose first. As always, they try to upsell you on things you really don't need when you can get someone to do it for you at a fraction of the price they quoted you. No thanks! Basic oil change and new wiper blades was all I wanted today.

Whew, now that my car is taken care of, it was time to head to Copeland's for an appreciation luncheon for the mentors. I look forward to these luncheons every year as it gives the mentors and other leaders time to fellowship. My seat was assigned with my name nicely typed on a name plate and I sat with folks who were able to engage in varied con…

"Two Talk Books" Interview

Today, I was a guest of Starla Porter, host of Two Talk Books on blog talk radio ( to discuss my novel, Gotta Let It Go. I had a really great time talking about my novel, giving tips to new writers and talking about what's on the horizon for me. This was a great opportunity to introduce myself and my novel to potential readers and expand on my fan base. I look forward to other opportunities like this. Well, off to finding more avenues to market my book!

"Mentoring Program"

Every first Saturday of the month we have a guest speaker for the mentoring program that I'm a part of. Today, our speaker was a lobbyist who informed the mentees that they should never let volunteer opportunities slip through your hands because you never know where that road will lead you. I thought it was an excellent presentation because so many of us tend to turn our noses up against giving back to the community if it doesn't involve some type of payment.

Incidentally, throughout the years I've met some very good friends through mentoring and volunteering and we keep supporting each other in various ventures. So, two thumbs up for giving back to the community.