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5 Tips for Successfully Moderating a Panel Discussion

On Saturday, May 12, 2018 I participated as a moderator for the “Meet the Authors” panel discussion as part of the Festival of Literary Arts (FOLA) presented by the Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council. This event took place at the MilkBoy ArtHouse, a performing arts space/restaurant in College Park, MD.

In preparing for this event, I kept the following 5 tips in mind for successfully moderating the panel discussion.

1.Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. This means knowing who your panelists are by visiting their social media sites, websites, blog, etc. This allows you to shape your questions targeted specifically to them.
At FOLA, the “Meet the Authors” panel included Austin S. Camacho (thriller writer), Teri Ellen Cross Davis (poetry), Michelle Junot (poetry) and Jung Yun (fiction writer). After visiting their social media sites, I learned they wrote fiction and non-fiction. In doing so, I was able to craft questions geared toward their various works.
In addition, I sent them an email w…

Interview with June “Joe” Boyd, author of A Spiritual Awakening

Author’s Bio: June “Joe” Boyd is from a small town in Indiana. Her grandfather called her Joe when she was really young and it stuck. Joe is 54 years old and has three children and three grandchildren. She has been writing since the age of 5 or 6 years old. She remembers always having a pen and paper in her hands but didn’t do anything with her writing until 5 years ago when someone told her to get her stuff published. DL: What’s the inspiration for writing your book?
JB:I don't know what inspired me to start writing. I've been doing it for so long I couldn't tell you. 

DL: Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult? JB:I read some of Edgar Allen Poe when I was younger. I think that might have inspired me but I'm sure there were other things that inspired me as well.

DL: How long did it take to write your book? JB: I really don't know how long it took because I took some of my stories from when I was younger in …

5 Tips for a Successful Book Reading/Signing

On Thursday, May 10, 2018,I did a reading and book signing of my romantic suspense novel, Gotta Let It Go at the Enoch Pratt Free Library (Waverly Branch) as part of the Meet the Author Writers Live Series. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to introduce my characters to the audience. In preparing for this event which was secured by my publicist, Cherrie Woods (, I kept the following 5 tips in mind for a successful book reading/signing.

1.Advertise the Event. Once the date was secured with the library and flyers were finalized, I started my advertising campaign. I shared the flyer via my social media network on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and via my e-newsletter to my readers. I even boosted the Facebook post along with the event details. Within two days and even on the day of the event, I continued to advertise the event to garner more interest and thanking those who indicated they would attend.
This is so important because you want your event to be suc…

Interview with Janice N. Adams, author of A Heart’s Journey, A Twisted State of Mind, About My Father’s Business, and About My Father’s Footsteps (Coming Soon - Deep Waters: A Heart’s Journey Part Two)

Author’s Bio: A Virginia native, Janice N. Adams is a published author who uplifts the human spirit through fiction and non-fiction literary works. In 2008, she wrote and published the novel, A Heart’s Journey, and two books of inspiration, About My Father’s Business, and About My Father’s Footsteps. Her novella, A Twisted State of Mind, is published inAnother Time Another Place, by New York Times bestselling author, Zane. Janice contributed to editing the Show-Bible for Black Rose that won the Best Drama Actress Award at the 2015 New York Television Festival. She’s a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (aka Virginia Tech) with a B.S. degree in Sociology. She enjoys photography, interior design, sports, music, and movies; and is the proud mother of two sons.
DL: What’s the inspiration for writing your books? JA: To empower women (and men) as we journey through the complexities and beauty of relationships within our inner most circle of family, friends, love…