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In Celebration of National Poetry Month: Poet Deliah Lawrence

Thanks to all the poets (Brenda Bunting, Henry Westray Jr., Cherrie Amour, Gilbert H. Richards, Virginia A. Davis, and Terry Wright) who shared their talents with my audience this month and my audience for showing them some love. In closing out National Poetry Month, I would like to share this poem with you.
Invisible Torturer
By Deliah Lawrence

You arrive, sight unseen.
Seething with mass destruction,
Talons stretching and expanding,
From one end of the world to the other.
Likened to the deadliest pandemic:
1918 “The Fearing Time.”

You inflict pain and suffering,
Torturing and tearing families apart,
Those we love both near and far,
Those who risk their lives caring for us,
Those who think they are invincible,
And want to be free.

You baffle scientists,
Grappling to find a cure to fight you,
As new symptoms arise,
Mass testing far away,
We live in fear there will be no vaccine,
On the horizon.

We struggle to stay safe because of you.
As the death toll rises,
We now stand six feet apart.
Quarantined in our h…

A Review of I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan

Terry McMillan is the queen of writing women’s fiction focused on family relationships, sisterhood, womanhood, and love with a lot of drama in between. In this novel, readers meet Dr. Georgia Young, a 55-year old successful optometrist, twice divorced with two adult children and four grandkids. When she finds out one of her past lovers had passed, she gets the idea of making a list of all her old boyfriends to see how life has treated them and to let them know she hadn’t forgotten about them. At this same time, she gets the idea of downsizing her beautiful home because it was too big, taking a train ride across the country, selling her part of the medical practice where she works, and pursue her passion of decorating/designing. So, Georgia’s plate is very full as she navigates reinventing herself. And if that wasn’t enough, she has to deal with her college/sister-friends: Wanda and Violet meddling in her life (all out of love though). 
I thought the storyline was an interesting one w…

National Poetry Month's Feature: Poet Terry Wright

Poet’s Bio:Terry Wright is a college graduate, writer, author, and poet who is trying to make his mark in this world. He was raised in the 90s and also brought up the old school way to treat women right. His books of poetry feature tales of lost love and spreading love about God. He also writes short stories that are based on true events that happened in his life. He lives in Alabama with his family. 
DL:What are some of your reflections during the COVID-19 pandemic? TW: This virus is showing us that we need to lean on God about everything that is going on right now. See my poem about self-distancing. 
DL: In celebration of National Poetry Month (April), can you share with us a few of your poems? TW: Here are two poems I would like to share:
Rules of LOVE
Be honest. Be truthful.
If you love someone or somebody don't mess over them.
Don't lie.
Be THERE when that person cry
Don't betray.
Don't creep.
Don't bit the hands that feed you and who is trying to help you.
Be THERE when th…

National Poetry Month's Feature: Poet Neil M. Noble

Poet’s Bio: Neil M. Noble is a Washington, D. C. native whose newest creation is Moods of a Lake and Selected Poems, a collection of 45 poems that covers more than half a century of his thoughts, observations, feelings and emotions about the world. His book includes a series of visual art images designed specifically for each poem that brings a wonderful synergy of poetry and art. Neil is also an adjunct professor who teaches construction related courses in the Baltimore area.He and his wife enjoy traveling and spending time with family, friends and their dog.To learn more about his work, go to
DL: What are some of your reflections during the COVID-19 pandemic? NMN: My feelings about this virus are mostly sad. The reaction to this threat was not fast nor thorough enough. We will never know how many lives might have been spared had we come together sooner. 

DL: In celebration of National Poetry Month (April), can you share with us a few of your poems? NMN: Sure, I would l…

National Poetry Month's Feature: Poet Virginia Davis

Poet’s Bio: Virginia Davis is a mother, poet, middle school English teacher, blogger, coffee lover, and author of four titles. She has been writing since the ninth grade, when she started using poetry and journaling as positive outlets while coping with the heavy emotions that came with the death of her oldest brother and not feeling accepted by her peers. Since then, writing has been her saving grace and has served as her one safe space where she feels free to truly be her most authentic self.  

She has self-published all of her books; her most recent title is a poetry compilation entitled The Mending, and it chronicles her poignant and victorious journey from heartache to healing. It is a poetic depiction of her choosing to take her broken pieces and transform them into something beautiful--art, and its most glorious form. Her first young adult novel will be released in the summer of 2020 and she is working on part two of The Mending. 
Virginia has a BA in English from Morgan State Un…

National Poetry Month's Feature: Poet Gilbert H. Richards

Poet’s Bio: A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Gilbert H. Richards is a former high school English teacher of 22 years, and author of Herd of Tusks, a collection of free verse.He earned a B.A. in English and a Masters in Special Education from Coppin State University.He currently resides in the city.
Gilbert enjoys reading and discussing books on topical issues, literature, and arts that reflect and affect the African-American society and Diaspora. Currently, he is completing a volume of memoirs and collecting poems for his second volume of verse. 
His favorite writers are James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, Dick Gregory, and Ta-Nihesi Coates. His favorite poets are Langston Hughes, William Carlos Williams, Lucille Clifton, Amy Lowell, and Billy Collins.
DL: What are some of your reflections during the COVID-19 pandemic? GHR: No one will forget this “RONA” experience. This is an unsettling, ominous period, especially with the death toll mounting.We don’t know when this plague will level…

National Poetry Month's Feature: Poet Cherrie Amour

Poet’s Bio: By day, award-winning poet Cherrie Amour is a 16-year veteran in public relations. By night, Cherrie’s candid, narrative style of poetic verse inspires diverse audiences as she flows about life and love. Amour also serves as producer/ host of the Words, Wine & Wings series in Baltimore, a show that features up to five emerging and established poets in the DMV region along with an open mic. 

Amour’s spoken word is recorded on two CD projects “ilovemesomewords” and “Love’s Journey”. Her written poems are included in her Free to Be Me, Poems on Love, Life and Relationships poetry book. Her poems have been featured in the Paterson Literary Review, Understorey magazine, Poet's Ink, Maryland in Poetry (Maryland Writers Assoc. 2020 Poetry Compilation)and the upcoming Zora’s Den writing group anthology. Learn more at

DL: What are some of your reflections during the COVID-19 pandemic? CA: COVID-19 pandemic has hit me in the jugular —literally. I know at least …