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A Review of A Woman’s Worth by Tracy Price-Thompson

In this novel, Tracy Price-Thompson weaves an epic tale of love, courage and sacrifice between two people from two different cultures: Bishop “Chicken” Johnson (Alabama, USA) and Abeni Omorru (Kenya, Africa). Bishop, a trained boxer flees from a troubled past to work with the Peace Corps leaving behind his “Brothaman” Malcolm and Malcolm’s grandparents (the Armstrongs). Abeni is psychologically scarred by the painful past of her female circumcision at the tender age of six and her reckless sexual behavior that left her feeling unloved.
When Bishop meets Abeni there is an instant connection. He sees past her pain and loves her for the woman she is. Abeni for the first time is truly happy and sees a future with Bishop without being judged for her prior sexual behavior. They get married and welcome their beautiful daughter, Hundiata aka “Hunnie” into the world.
They enjoyed many blissful years until they were summoned to Abeni’s parents’ (Banjoko and Ziwani) apartment to discuss Hunnie’…