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I finally made it to Warmdaddy's in Philly with a good friend of mine on Saturday night. Warmdaddy's as the name implies is a warm place to be for some good soul food and some great entertainment When we made the reservation, we didn't know who the headliner, Barbara Walker was, but we soon found out soon once she grabbed the mike and started singing. Now even before the entertainment began, I was throwing down on some good catfish fingers, chicken tenders and cornbread and when the main dish of seafood etouffee arrived, I had to pause.

Back to Barbara, well it was clear that she has been on the music scene for awhile. She gave shout outs to everyone celebrating a birthday and personally went to their table and sang something special for them. I was laughing so loud because she would say something like, "Steve, Steve, you're the best man in this place, you're so sweet..." I was cracking up and not to mention when she dropped it down low after grabbing a …

Nothing Beats Catching Your Breath

It's a been a long time since I've been able to sit at home and relax. For the past couple of months, I've been traveling, networking, exibiting, meeting and greeting folks in the literary world. While it's been great, I missed just having some me time and that's what I did this week. Unfortunately, this "me" time included organizing stacks of paper filled with information, updating my mailing list, brainstoriming ideas and writing. So was this a true "me" time? I would have to say yes, because it was time well spent with my thoughts without any distractions and I even managed to catch up on a TV show or two. I'll bask in this feeling until this upcoming weekend, when I'm out and about and meeting and mingling yet again!

"CCBC Women's Expo"

This weekend I exhibited at the CCBC Women's Expo at the Community College of Baltimore County. I had a great time especially meeting and greeting fellow exhibitors (authors, musicians, jewelry makers, etc). I really enjoyed meeting the folks who stopped by my table to show me some love and support. It's truly appreciated!

Here are some pictures from the events. Enjoy!

"A Social Affair" with Earl Sewell & Pat Tucker

"Who Doesn't Enjoy a Good Show of Chivalry?"

Who best depicts chivalry other than knights of the Medieval Times. This evening I battled traffic to get to Arundel Mills and then spent another ten minutes driving around to get a parking space just to get to this event.  I was very excited when I got my assigned table seating and my crown (paper) in anticipation for a great performance.

Surprisingly, the arena was packed and eveyone waited patiently as their server explained how the serving will be done. I was sitting with the blue team and so this section was supposed to cheer for the knight in blue and "boo" the others - all in friendly competition, but I guess it made for great entertainment. The blue team server was very energetic as I watched him bounce from one end of the two tables he was hosting to the next. It was very clear that he enjoyed his job.

While waiting for the show to begin, we were served the following menu  or the "bill of fare":
Oven Roasted ChickenGarlic BreadTomato Bisque SoupHerb-Roaste…