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Home Stretch of My Journaling

Success! I finally made it through all 27 days of journaling. There were times when I wanted to crawl into bed after a very long day, but told myself that I needed to review my journal prompt and at least write a paragraph or two. I really learned a lot about myself after I went back through the pages and read some of my journal entries: my fears - how to face them; my wants and needs - how to evaluate them; what brings me joy - how to embrace it; my goals and dreams - how to pursue them; and the list goes on. I really enjoyed this journey to health and happiness.

I highly recommend that everyone take time out for themselves to realize how therapeutic it is to put pen to paper and simply write what's in their minds and heart. You'd be surprised how much you could learn about yourself. Visit for more journaling information!

Day 19: If Only They'd...Write about a time you told someone an idea, goal or dream of ours and that person discouraged you inste…

Django Unchained

This evening I checked out Quentin Tarantino's remake of Django and I must say that I was thoroughly entertained. Jamie Foxx pegged the role of Django and of course, there's Christoph Waltz who played Dr. Schultz, the bounty hunter masquerading as a dentist - loved him. As a matter of fact, all the actors played their roles superbly (Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, etc). Let's not forget the soundtrack samples from James Brown, 2Pac, Rick Ross, Ennio Morricone and John Legend, which caught me by surprise...I didn't know whether to burst in song or smile  when the music kicked in.  Although some of the scenes were gory, there were several lessons to be learned from the film: partnership, trust, love, determination, pride, victory, defeat and the list goes on.

Two thumbs up!

Happy MLK Day!

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's Day, it is my pleasure to introduce Allison Morris who designed a graphic chronicle of Dr. King's life and his personal achievements.

Allison's Bio:
Allison works with a small team of designers dedicated to designing graphics and data visuals for Internet resource sites. Their primary goal is to be able to make a connection between visualization and learning in an effort to enhance a reader's learning experience and also to create useful resources for the online community. Beyond that, her interests include reading, writing, and keeping up with current events.

This is her graphic chronicles of Dr. King's life and his personal achievements:


Staying the Course - Journaling Continues

It's amazing how quickly this week went by. Nevertheless, I didn't miss a beat in writing in my journal.

Here's what I covered:

Day 13: Food, Glorious Food. For 5 days keep a food journal. Record what you're eating and feeling, and you can evaluate your entries later.

Day 14: A Room of Your Own. Clear your space and clear your head. What baggage, physical or emotional, were you able to throw away while cleaning.

Day 15: Imagine That! Play with your imagination...describe your earliest childhood memories, the place you most want to visit, your favorite meal (in vivid, mouth-watering detail), a guilty pleasure, a disasterous travel experience, your favorie smells or sounds.

Day 16: Goal for It. At the beginning of each week, write down one goal you would like to focus on. Set asisde 10 minutes to reflect on your progress. Choose a time of day you're able to relax and write interrupted.

Day 17: You Gotta Problem with Dat? Sometimes you just need a good friend to listen to…

The Mountaintop

This evening a friend and I saw the play, The Mountaintop by Katori Hall, directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah, at Centerstage. As part of our tradition, we typically check out the first play at the beginning of the year. I was very excited  to see what this play had in store for the audience when it touted that it was about Martin Luther King, Jr., the man (smelly feet, lies to his wife, smokes, etc).

The setting takes place in Room 306, Lorraine Motel, Memphis, Tennessee, April 3, 1968. I was  pleasantly surprised and engaged as the plot unfolded to reveal the creativity of Ms. Hall's interpretation of what happened that night in the motel room when Dr. King meets Camae, the maid. I won't spoil it for anyone but it was quite a twist and I applaud Ms. Hall's creativity. Two thumbs up for the cast: Shawn Hamilton - Dr. King and Myxolydia Tyler - Camae.

Peace of Mind & Body - Journaling Continues

Well, I've not missed a beat in my journaling to peace of mind and body. In fact, I look forward to journaling at the end of the day as a way to clear my head of clutter before going to sleep. Here are the topics I've covered since the last entry on January 5, 2013:

Day 6: False Evidence Appearing Real.  Start your entry with "I am afraid that..." What's the worst possible thing that could result from this fear coming to pass.

Day 7: How You Talk. Evaluate the way you talk to yourself: Is it kind, truthful, and necessary?

Day 8: Ask Your Inner Kid to Come Out and Play. What makes him/her happiest in the world? What's his/her advice on a challenge you're facing now?

Day 9: Put Me In, Coach. Ask your inner coach to silence your inner critic.

Day 10: What the Health? Discover the inifinite possibilities that wellness brings.

Day 11: Sleeping Beauty. Journal your way to peaceful sleep. Write down your victories and gratitudes. What are you thankful for this day?


27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness

Last week when I got an email from Mari L. McCarthy about challenging myself to 27 days of jouranling to health and happiness, I was excited to commit myself to the journey. However, after failed attempts and being frustrated at purchasing the e-book just 3 days before the challenge, I decided to give her a call. I'm glad I did because I was able to submit my payment on paypal for the e-book. As soon as the e-book was delivered to my e-mail, I skimmed the pages with eagerness to start the journey.

So far I've been journaling consistently for 5 days without missing a beat. It's so refreshing as I look forward to writing in my notebook each day as she challenges us to dig deeper in finding peace of mind and body. Here are the topics covered thus far:

Day 1: A is for Awareness. Start your entry with "I am aware that...."

Day 2: Do You Mind? Write down what's on your mind.

Day 3: Bring Back My Body to Me. This entry requires that you write "When I notice mysel…