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Interview with Randall Magley, author of Short Stories

Author’s Bio:Randall grew up in a small Midwestern town in a midsized family. He had to deal with poverty and lack of proper education. That is, until later in life.  On top of the hardships of working many low wage jobs, he had to figure out his place in life and seek out the riddle of happiness, as we all do. He joined the U.S. Army in 1997 and finished his military career in 2000. After that he still worked basic jobs and self-studied countless books and courses on success in many fields.
The author then discovered he was getting sick, and through many tests, found himself in the clutches of disease which caused him to be on disability. His heart was set on working on something however and he never gave up. He decided to use the power of his mind to study and become an author. It is his greatest hope to create values for society in one way or another. His philosophy is to never give up and to remember that fear and insecurity are the epitome of failure.
What inspired you to write y…

A Review of Tempted by Trouble by Eric Jerome Dickey

It’s been some time since I read a novel from one of my all-time favorite authors, Eric Jerome Dickey. So while perusing my bookshelves, I grabbed Tempted by Trouble to get my EJD reader fix. Yes, I did say fix – lol.
Anyway, this novel delivered everything I was looking for…a storyline with the right amount of thrill, suspense, and sexiness. I met Dmytryk Knight from Detroit, a man who was on track with the American dream: college educated, married to a beautiful woman, nice job, and a home. Who could ask for anything more?
Well, when he and Cora, his wife both lost their jobs and their home in foreclosure, their backs are pressed against the wall. Neither of them is happy barely scraping by with several jobs between them (delivering pizza, tutoring, exotic dancing, etc.) until Cora introduces Eddie Coyle, a criminal into the picture who needs a wheelman for bank robberies.
Dmytryk thought it over and with the promise of a job two minutes in and out of the “bank withdrawal business” …

A Review of the Play, Twisted Melodies (Baltimore Center Stage)

Twisted Melodies recently made its debut the weekend of March 17, 2017 at the Baltimore Center Stage and it was simply FANTASTIC. This one-man play written and performed by Kelvin Roston, Jr. depicted the mental struggles of musical genius, Donny Hathaway. When the play opens, we see Donny sitting at a piano in a hotel room at the Essex Hotel in New York City. Kelvin's interpretation of what happened during the final hours right before Donny “allegedly” ended his life on January 13, 1979 was nothing short of an amazing journey.
This journey went from Donny’s childhood being raised in the church by his grandmother who nutured his love for music, to his college days at Howard University where his met his wife, to his professional days as a musician playing in various bands to his hallucinations and paranoid schizophrenia. This all unfolds as Kelvin, a musician himself, belted out some of Donny’s favorite songs (“A Song For You,” “You’re My Heaven,” “The Closer I Get To You,” and mor…

Interview with ML Hutchinson, Author of Tainted Bond

Author’s Bio:M L Hutchinson resides in the suburbs of Maryland, with her husband of twenty-four years. Preferring the fantasy and glamour of classic movies or the happily ever after of romance novels, this fueled her imagination at an early age. The desire to write her own happy endings has led to her debut novel, Tainted Bond, which will be the first installment in The Bonded Trilogy. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, comic book based action movies, spending time with family and spoiling her two grandchildren. After years of putting off following her dream, she is now ready to share her stories, to become the writer she always dreamed she would be.
What inspired you to write your book? MLH: I wouldn’t call it inspiration; it was more like an obsession. My love of writing began when I read my first Harlequin Romance novel by Janet Dailey. With the first entry of my journal at the age of fourteen I knew that writing would forever be my passion.
Is there any particular author or…