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The 7 C's to Success in Life (Commitment)

COMMITMENT – When I think of this C, I think of pledging or promising to perform a certain course of action or as a friend of mine once told me “giving your word that you will do something and sticking to it.” Sometimes it may be difficult to stick to it especially when life throws you curve balls but the trick is to get back on track.

In the workplace, one can commit to excellence by doing an outstanding job and exceeding their goals. This could mean getting to work on time, prioritizing tasks and doing more than what is required of you. What follows from that is a sense of pride, accomplishment and recognition that will do wonders to boost your ego.
In our daily lives, we must commit to being our best selves. This could mean committing to a spiritual lifestyle which would enrich one’s personal and family values, committing to strengthening family and other relationship bonds (spending quality time), committing to a healthier lifestyle (proper diet and exercise), committing to getting…

The 7 C's to Success in Life (Clarity)

CLARITY – We all have busy personal/business lives (planning business meetings, relatives coming to visit, kids going to camp, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, dinner with friends, working out at the gym, planning family vacations and the list goes on). Juggling all these activities can be quite overwhelming and this is where clarity kicks in. This C involves setting clear goals or having certainty or definiteness in one’s decision making. Without clarity in planning, we would tend to miss or overlap some of these activities.Setting clear goals, tasks, timelines help to keep you on track and goes hand in hand with being organized. So take out your blackberry, iPhone, calendar, whatever your device of choice would be and start making your To Do Lists and stay on track. You’ll find that tasks are performed more efficiently and you’ll have more time to squeeze in a few more activities.
This same concept works well in the work place. For instance, some bosses start the week off wit…

The 7 C's to Success in Life (Communication)

When I was in college I took several management courses and learned about the 7 C’s of a successful business.I thought if a business could be successful using these tips, tools, etc., then why not apply them to make our everyday life (family/personal/business relationships) a success as well.
So, I’ve compiled the following list which I believe could add value to our lives:Communication, Clarity, Commitment, Collaboration, Creativity, Community & Care (this list is not all inclusive, you can add your own "C")I'll comment on each of the above Cs on a regular basis starting with communication for my first blog posting.
COMMUNICATION – This C is super important to me. Without communication, every relationship suffers. Each party’s silence contributes to further deterioration of the relationship and sometimes all it takes is for one party to start the dialogue. It doesn’t cost you anything and it could save a friendship! On the other hand, if there is no reciprocity, then …

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