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"What a Week!"

Sometimes you relish the lull that you have in your days and sometimes in your weeks. For me, this week pushed me to the limits. I was constantly in meetings and when I looked at my calendars, I still had webinars to attend, a Reiki class to attend had to go at the gym, had dinner dates with friends, had grocery shopping to do, had to keep my mani/pedicure appointment and a party to attend.

We all are swamped but it's all in how we manage our time. Well, in order for me not to pull my hair out, I organized and coordinated all my activities. I prepared for all my meetings a head of time, I scheduled how long I would spend at the gym, I kept my mani/pedicure appointment (it helps to treat myself), I attened the Reiki class (which was quite interesting and had it performed on me). I met my friends for dinner (socializing is key to laughter and good health) and still found time to listen to some great Latin music. So that was my week in review and now as I'm writing this blog, I&…

"Rainy Weekend"

Rainy days make you want to curl up in bed, watch a good movie and eat popcorn. For me, this rainy weekend meant that I stayed in and take inventory of what's going on around me. It gave me the opportunity to review my marketing strategies for my novel, Gotta Let It Go, and plan the next steps for my new novel. After I spent hours doing that, it was time for me to catch up on some of my favorite shows (Nurse Jackie, Game of Thrones, Justified, etc). It's been such a long time that I've actually turned on the television that I almost forgot how to work the DVR - lol.

When Sunday rolled around, I went to the gym and then came home to work on my new novel. Once that task was completed, I spent some time networking on various social medial sites. It was time to take a break to make dinner and then spend the rest of the evening relaxing and preparing for the busy week ahead.

So rainy days can make you very introspective and as for made me very productive! I'm geared…

New York, New York

I needed to get away and New York was the perfect place to go. I stayed in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, not too far from the subway and made trips to Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan to do some shopping. I also took time to visit some museums - Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art ("MOMA"). It was great to see so many people there, browsing around, looking at the art work and reading about the artists some of which I found rather interesting like Francesca Woodman (1958 - 1981) - an artist way before her time in terms of how she viewed sexuality and they way she photograped it. I also enjoyed the works of John Chamberlain - his car designs were very interesting.

While I enjoyed the sightseeing, I also took time to check out a karaoke bar and laughed so hard my belly hurt when I saw some of the performers. Some were really bad but I admired their courage to get on stage and give the performance of their lives while the audience cheered them on. At end of the karaoke co…

"The Whipping Man"

This afternoon, I saw the play, The Whipping Man at Center Stage in Baltimore, MD. This play was written by Matthew Lopez and it was directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah.


Why i sthis night different from all other nights? For three Richmond Jews - one a former Confereate solder, two his former slaves - gathered around a makeshift Seder table at the close of the Civil War, age-old questions of justice and freedom find new and surprising answers.


Michael Micalizzi - Caleb
Kevyn Morrow - Simon
Johnny Ramey - John

All three actors were excellent in delivering the angst, pain, sorrow, and joy related to the effects of war and with it, the promise of freedom. This is a must see play - two thumbs up!
W=hy is this night different from all other nights? For three Richmond Jews—one a former Confederate soldier, two his former slaves—gathered around a makeshift Seder table at the close of the Civil War, age-old questions of justice and freedom find new and surprising answersWhy is this nig…