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Interview on WJZ-TV News 13 (CBS Baltimore)

I had a wonderful time being interviewed by News Anchor Linh Bui on WJZ-TV News 13 “Coffee With” segment which aired on September 26, 2019. While setting up for the interview a member of the news crew saw my book cover and said his wife has the first book. Linh asked whether she had the second book and to text his wife and ask her. He did, his wife said she didn’t and I signed a copy of Gotta Get It Back for her. 

Here are some photos from my interview at the studio. You can also check out my interview here:

A Review of Flight to Darkness by Gil Brewer

In Flight to Darkness, Brewer introduces readers to Eric Garth, a Korean war vet and a would-be sculptor who meets Leda a nurse during his time spent as a patient in a psychiatric hospital in California. Eric has always been preoccupied with a recurring dream of killing his brother Frank with a sculptor’s wooden mallet. So before Eric can be released his doctor has to make sure he is cured of these dreams. 

Eric is all too excited to head home to Florida and to the loan business which Frank is running until he gets back. This business is supposed to be split between the two brothers when their mother dies. He and Leda plan to marry but things take a turn when he is accused of a hit and run and then gets committed to a sanitarium in Alabama. Leda abandons him when he needs her the most.
However, when he gets a hold of the police, he is then told the charges are dropped and he is free to go. Only problem, he couldn’t get released from the sanitarium so he escapes and heads home to Florida…

The C3 CON: An Intimate Affair for Creatives!

During the weekend of September 13 - 15, 2019, I had a wonderful time at the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity (C3) Con at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center Hotel in Columbia, MD. Throughout the years I have made some great author friends at this intimate affair and it was a joy to see them again and to meet a few new ones (Julie Hyzy, Becky Muth, Matty Dalrymple, Mark Bergin, Patrick Hyde, and the list goes on).

Anyway, let’s get into the action of the conference.  Friday night. Noir at the Bar hosted by Ed Aymar after dinner was awesome. The lineup of readers captivated the audience’s attention and made us yearn for more. Shawn Cosby brought his “A” game and knocked us out with his reading which was more like a performance and took home the winning trophy. Saturday was nonstop. Right after breakfast, I hit the ground running as a panelist on a panel titled “Writing Diverse Protagonists” which was moderated by Sharon Buchbinder. The other panel members included Debbie Mack, Natalina Rei…

Interview with Glenn Parris, author of Dragon’s Heir: The Archeologist’s Tale

Author’s Bio:  Physician, Glenn Parris, hails from St. Albans, Queens in New York City.He was bitten by the writing bug during his rheumatology fellowship when he began writing science fiction, medical fiction, and fantasy. He attended his first SEAK Writers Workshop for physicians in 2010, hosted by Dr. Tess Gerritsen and the late Dr. Michael Palmer. 

Glenn pays homage to his mentors, Octavia Butler, Michael Palmer and the ever-prolific Tess Gerritsen in the pages of his work. (Glenn still blames Tess for inspiring the shenanigans and mayhem in The Renaissance of Aspirin.) The science fiction saga, Dragon’s Heir has garnered wonderful reviews. He’s just finished the sequel manuscript to his Jack Wheaton Mystery Doc series.
DL: What inspired you to write your book?  GP: I missed the style of science fiction I had come to love from Isaac Azimov, Frank Herbert, Octavia Butler and Larry Niven. So I decided to write my own.
DL: Describe your writing process? Do you use an outline or let it fl…

“Smooches and Murder: How to Write a Successful Romantic Suspense Novel”

I had a wonderful time presenting my workshop “Smooches and Murder: How to Write a Successful Romantic Suspense Novel” at the Maryland Writers’ Association South Baltimore Chapter on September 11, 2019. The audience included fiction and non-fiction writers and others who have yet to embark on a creative writing project. 

Before I dived into the workshop, I engaged the audience in an exercise by having them watch a movie clip from Mr. & Mrs. Smith and asking them to identify things they saw. They all identified danger, romance, explosion, bad guys, etc. which are some of the common elements of a romantic suspense novel.

Once they were warmed up, we discussed the following:
•What is romantic suspense?
This is a sub-genre of the romance category with the threat of danger and romance intertwined throughout the novel. It is driven by a prominent mystery, suspense or thriller plot.
•Common elements of a romantic suspense novel
•The importance of research
•Plot development
•Character developme…

Interview with Daryn Carl Ramsey, author of BOLD & CRAZY FAITH: The Inspirational

Author’s Bio: Daryn Carl Ramsey is CEO of Diamond & Light Publishing, LLC. He is the author of BOLD & CRAZY FAITH: The Inspirational, a book that inspires Christians to increase their faith and overcome obstacles during their Christian journey. Daryn is the founder of Ramsey’s Corner, his blog that focuses on all things inspirational. On Ramsey’s Corner, he inspires people through faith and planning.

Ramsey is a member of the Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland and writer with Speakers Magazine. He has been featured on IBelieve Radio, Baltimore’s Hottest Gospel Station to speak about becoming an author, entrepreneur and mentorship. Daryn Carl Ramsey is an ordained deacon at the New Psalmist Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland.
DL: What inspired you to write your book?  DCR: God. Over a very long period God would periodically but consistently speak the word, “Faith” to me. After having countless amounts of conversations with Him and pleading that I didn’t understand why He would wh…

Black Writers' Guild Workshop - "Promote Your Own Book" Presented by Cherrie Woods

On Saturday, September 7, 2019, the Black Writers' Guild of Maryland kicked off a new season of educational workshops beginning with Cherrie Woods' presentation titled "Promote Your Own Book." The audience included writers working on creative projects and published authors like myself who need to stay on top of marketing and getting publicity for our books.

Anyway, Cherrie Woods is the founder of Eclectic PR. She is a publicist with over 16 years experience. Her client list includes authors, visual and performing artists, small businesses, etc. At this workshop, she discussed and answered questions regarding the following:
What is Public Relations (PR)?Developing PR StrategiesIs your website effective?Media OpportunitiesSocial MediaBusiness Tools/WebsitesBook cover exercise * * The audience really enjoyed the book cover exercise where they broke out in 5 groups and reviewed 5 different book covers based on a 50-point scale. Book covers are very important in grabbing r…