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Interview with Cori Quinn, Author of Calloway

Author’s Bio:Plus-size curvy model, actress, and author, Cori Quinn is a multitalented, multidimensional woman. Born in Washington Heights, New York, Quinn spent most of her childhood and early teens in New York, before relocating to Baltimore, Maryland, with her mother. In 2011, she began a career as a plus-size curvy model and has achieved a high level of notable success in that field. She is also employed as a corporate executive. Quinn is the granddaughter of Wali Muhammad, who trained boxing legend Muhammad Ali. “My grandfather was a wise, successful man,” says Quinn. “People gravitated to him, because he had a skill and integrity. I want to carry on his legacy with humility.”
What inspired you to write your book? CQ: What inspired me to write my book were my life’s experiences. I was once a young irresponsible street girl that was into drugs and criminal activity until finally things got serious and I received some felonious charges that impacted my life, career and civilian oppor…

A Review of Make Your Life Primetime: How To Have It All Without Losing Your Soul by María Celeste Arrarás

Life has a way of teaching us many lessons, some of which can be very painful. Yet, it all boils down to how we react in deciding how to move forward on the journey.
In this book, María Celeste Arrarás shares thirty-four (34) life lessons which I found very candid and which resonated with some aspects of my life. It depicted her journey as a child driven to settle for nothing but the best by a father who pushed her very hard to excel. He once told her, “Be the best of the best or the worst of the worst. Never mediocre.”
She took this innate drive into her professional life which propelled her from being a rookie journalist to being an Award-winning journalist, author and host of her own show on Telemundo (Al Rojo Vivo). Her journey wasn’t always easy. Along the way, she dealt with folks who criticized her because of her accent and the way she dressed, she had two divorces, a nanny who physically abused her infant son, an assistant who stole her identity and her money, etc. She could hav…

It's Time to Harness Your Connections!

I’m a firm believer that once you tap into your creativity to create works that touch, hook and elevate your readers, you need to keep the dialogue going. This means continuing to reach out and engage your readers off the pages of your published work.
Here are some ways to bridge the connectivity gap with your readers:
1.         Newsletter – monthly or quarterly (I wouldn’t go longer than quarterly)
2.         Social Media connection – FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
3.         Invite your readers/audience to reach out to you via email – I welcome this as it’s much more personalized.
4.         Social gathering – coffee anyone? It’s always great to meet my readers in person.
Note: Let’s keep that connection going!

Interview with J. R. Lindermuth, Author of Shares The Darkness

Author’s Bio: A retired newspaper editor, J. R. Lindermuth is the author of 15 novels, including seven in his Sticks Hetrick crime series, and a non-fiction regional history. Since retirement, he has been librarian of his county historical society, assisting patrons with genealogy and research. He is a member of International Thriller Writers and a past vice president of the Short Mystery Fiction Society.
What inspired you to write your book? JRL: Shares is the seventh book in the Sticks Hetrick crime series. Each has been inspired by a particular type of crime and is set in a small fictional town near Harrisburg, PA. The crimes are solved by Sticks, former police chief and now a county detective, and his proteges. Officer Flora Vastine is the primary in this one. The actual inspiration for Shares was a documentary on bird-watching. Though a series, the books are structured so they can be read as stand-alones.
Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either g…

Interview with TM Brown, Author of A Life Not My Own

Author’s Bio: Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, TM Brown holds a BA in Psychology and MS in Systems Engineering. Tina is also the mother of two amazing people and the grandmother to the cutest little boy ever! Her books include:
·A Life Not My Own -  Tina shares her personal experiences of child abuse and neglect, her struggles as a teenager and in her young adult life.
·Just Between Us – Inspiring Stories by Women.  Tina joined forces with Janice Ross, Selena Haskins, Adrienne Thompson, Tamika Christy and Nicole Dunlap as they share a collection of short stories about the life challenges that they overcome. 
·The FAPA award winning and bestseller Struggles of the Women Folk.  An engaging, fictional, though powerful piece from the stories that her grandmother shared with her as a child.
·Tethered Angel - PART TWO of Struggles of the Women Folk. Angel has a special gift hearing the thoughts of the people around her, but only if she reminds pure in mind and heart. She shares her ins…