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"Creatures, Crimes & Creativity"

If you're a writer of fantasy, horror, suspense, thrillers or mysteries, the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity is the conference for you. This 3-day conference is scheduled for September 13 - 15, 2013 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, MD. Yours truly is the author panel coordinator and I can't wait to put you on a panel so you can strut your "stuff." Any by "stuff" I mean, sharing your knowledge about crafting a story that keeps readers at the edge of their feet, developing characters that you'd like readers to connect with or love to hate and how using social media can bring you more visibility as a writer.

You get to meet, mix and mingle with some of the hot writers in the market today such as Jeffrey Deaver, John Gilstrap, Chris Golden and other local authors such as myself. Well, what are you waiting for...tell a friend and come on down to the C3 conference where there's so much more to see and do. I hope you'll take the time to join us!


"Hot Summer Night in Fell's Point"

This past week set a record heat wave around town. I had an invitation to happy hour but it was cancelled due to the heat. But a friend of mine said what's stopping us from going and I agreed. So off we went to Kooper's Tavern in Fell's Point. We lucked out and found parking in front of the tavern, went inside and had a feast.

We ordered 3 appetizers (crab dip, Old Bay wings and nachos and shrimp). let's just say that after the crab dip which was oh so delicious and the wings which were done to perfection, we were stuffed!

So, two thumbs up for Kooper's Tavern! I'd definitely go back for yet another feast.

"Hey Papi Promotions Networking Event"

Yesterday, I attended the Hey Papi Promotions event at the Greenbelt Marriott and met quite a few cool folks. I even bumped into a familiar face which made the event so much more fun. The vendors were very diverse selling books, clothes, gospel CDs, oils, etc and I was very pleasantly surprised to see a mime with his YouTube showing him in action - how cool was that! Anyway, I had a great time and I look forward to connecting and networking with my new friends!

"Now You See Me"

I recently saw the movie, "Now You See Me" and I really enjoyed it. For the most part, the story line following a group of street magicians and how they pulled off bank robberies was very entertaining. However, the underlining story how folks can be fooled to believe anything was very interesting especially when the twist revealing the true puppeteer fooled me.

When this is applied to real life, it's amazing how vulnerable we all can be at times. Sometimes folks come into your life and present things that are way too good to be true. When this happens, it's best to take a step back and evaluate what's fact from fiction. This can definitely be a lesson well learned.

Here's the trailer for the movie - enjoy!