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"Becoming A Media Magnet - How To Build A Buzz Worthy Brand" Teleseminar

This was my first teleseminar with Marshawn Evans, Attorney, founder of ME University and a media magnet. She shared her story of how she left the corporate world of "toiling" (exhausting with labor) to "tilling" (working for herself by cultivating a harvest that she could share with others). I liked that she opened and closed the teleseminar with a prayer to ground the listeners into a "higher" power. Her strategies on knowing your "gifting" and how to be magnetic enough to want the media to reach out to you were awesome. See below.

To Be A Magnet:
1. Right message - do you have a message that is important enough to the media?
2. Right messenger - are you trustworthy? why should people listen to you? are you credible?
3. Right moment - is your message something the producers want to know right now?
4. Right method - what is your multi-media platform (speaking, consulting, publishing, digital filling station, products, proprietary system - what are y…