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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Becoming A Media Magnet - How To Build A Buzz Worthy Brand" Teleseminar

This was my first teleseminar with Marshawn Evans, Attorney, founder of ME University and a media magnet. She shared her story of how she left the corporate world of "toiling" (exhausting with labor) to "tilling" (working for herself by cultivating a harvest that she could share with others). I liked that she opened and closed the teleseminar with a prayer to ground the listeners into a "higher" power. Her strategies on knowing your "gifting" and how to be magnetic enough to want the media to reach out to you were awesome. See below.

To Be A Magnet:
1. Right message - do you have a message that is important enough to the media?
2. Right messenger - are you trustworthy? why should people listen to you? are you credible?
3. Right moment - is your message something the producers want to know right now?
4. Right method - what is your multi-media platform (speaking, consulting, publishing, digital filling station, products, proprietary system - what are you known for?)

I also enjoyed the following nuggets of wisdom from her:
"Direction is what connects your desire with your destiny."
"Speak your vision."
"Link with those who know what they are doing?"
"Don't worry what people think about you."
"Never let someone's inadequacy impact your adequacy."
"Know your WHY."
"Entrepreneurs should speak for pay not for play."
"Those who show up, go up." (This is one of my favorite quotes because if you don't show up, you won't have to tools to play the game).

Pitching Strategies:
1. What should you be pitching? (what's your message, idea, etc.)
2. Where should you be pitching? (which media outlet is right for you?"
3. Who should you be pitching to? (producers, those who run a blog, etc.)
4. Why should they pay attention to you? (what makes you relevant, build trust and credibility)

Two thumbs up for this teleseminar!

For more information, you can visit www.meuniversitylive.com