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A Review of Soulmates Dissipate by Mary B. Morrison

No one ever said being in a relationship was easy but when a third person gets involved it makes it that more complicated. Well, if you are looking for a book that takes drama to another level, then Soulmates Dissipate certainly fits the bill.
In this novel, Jada Diamond Tanner is a very successful photographer who is madly in love with Wellington Jones, her soul mate. They are engaged to be married on Valentine’s Day but with the date fast approaching Wellington’s conniving mother, Cynthia Jones, has other plans for her son. Enter Melanie Thompson; a childhood friend whom Cynthia feels is more suited for her son.  Melanie is sexy and tempting and also Wellington’s houseguest. At first, Jada distrusts Melanie but eventually, she begins to warm up to the idea of her being a houseguest thinking that Wellington only has eyes for her because they are soul mates.
But Melanie along with the prompting of Cynthia begins to make her move on Wellington right under Jada’s nose. And after a night o…

Interview with Koos Verkaik, Author of The Dance of the Jester

Author’s Bio: Koos Verkaik started writing at the age of 7, his comic Scotty Clay was published in a magazine (3 pages each week) when he was only 16 and wrote his first published novel, Adolar, when he was 18.
He is a Dutchman, having published over 60 different titles now and his best work is also available in English. Well-known is his series of children’s books, Alex and the Wolpertinger; working on book 14, he intends to write 30 different titles at least (LadyBee Publishing, Canada)! His urban fantasy novels are published by Sarah Book Publishing, Texas, USA, Start Publishing New York, and Evolutionary Publishing, Canada.
Koos: “Hurray for the internet! My agent lives in New Zealand, my publishers are in the USA and in Canada!”
Koos writes every day and never had a writers’ block.  
Quotation: “I am a very fast worker; always have been, always sitting behind the keyboard and write! It is not a neurosis or so, it's just that I have a lot to tell…” (Newspaper of The Hague).
What in…

An Interview with Jae Sherwood, Author of Little Leona Of Monsters and Fire

Author’s Bio:Jae Sherwood lives in Annapolis, MD and writes creative nonfiction and poetry for children and adults.  Previously a stay at home mom to three amazing people and then later a middle school English teacher, she is now redirecting her time and energy to focus on her writing.  Jae is currently working to expand the Little Leona safety series with more picture books that tell stories of how kids can keep themselves safe in various situations.
What inspired you to write your book? JS: As a mother, I loved reading quality books to my children, books that were interesting to me as well and had some sort of message to them.  When I started the poem about a little girl playing dress up and fighting imaginary monsters, it morphed into her fighting a dragon, then morphed into the dragon being a metaphor for a fire.  Finally, I saw that I could relay a message about fire safety through the text and illustrations.
Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way eith…