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"Gaithersburg Book Festival"

I had a great time hanging with my author friends Austing Camacho and Sandra "B. Swangin Webster" on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at the Gaithersburg Book Festival. Despite the cold weather we enjoyed meeting and greeting readers and fellow authors.  There was lots to see and do including sitting in the various author panel discussions and even Jimmy J.J. Walker "Dy-no-mite" from Good Times was on stage with his comedic edge.

Check out who was there by clicking on the link below:

"Happy Mother's Day!"

Today we celebrated the women who brought us into this world. Each and every day we should cherish these precious moments. My mom and I enjoy going to plays and this afternoon we checked out the play, Beneatha's Place, at Center Stage. This play explored racism, politics, community - very powerful.

Here's the link to read more about this play:

"Social Butterfly"

This weekend, I was truly a social butterfly. On Friday, I had dinner with two phenonmenal women I met through LinkedIn. It was a pleasure to meet them in person and we just had the greatest time sharing a great meal and great conversations at Coastal Flat in Tysons Corner. We were having so much fun we almost closed the restaurant down with 30 minutes to spare - lol.

Then on Saturday, I met a group of women through a friend of mine whose niece is the co-chair of DMV Weekenders, a Meetup group, at The Melting Pot. There were 9 of us and we had the best waiter ever! He was attentive as he made the fondue, served us our drinks, and our meals which we had to prepare by our selves and finally  came the dessert - yummy!

Two thumbs up for a great I need some rest to tackle the week!