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A Review of The Second Life of Nick Mason by Steve Hamilton

This is the first crime fiction novel I've read by Steve Hamilton and I would definitely pick up the next installment in this series. In this first installment, the main character, Nick Mason is sent to Terre Haute prison in Indiana for 25 years for killing a federal agent, but he gets an early release after doing five years. This early release came with a hefty price tag courtesy of another inmate by the name of Darius Cole who calls the shots from the inside.

This is an offer Nick couldn’t refuse because he wants to see his ex-wife and his daughter and visit with a good friend he didn’t snitch on. When Nick walks out of prison he gets picked up by Quintero (Cole’s henchman). He is given an envelope with keys to a townhouse in Lincoln Park one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Chicago, ten thousand dollars in cash and a cell phone which he is instructed to answer when Quintero calls.
Trying to settle into his new life, Nick is still on edge not knowing when the phone would rin…

Black Writers’ Guild Pitch and Feedback Session: “Why Should I Buy Your Book?”

On Saturday, June 1, 2019 I was a participant in the Black Writers’ Guild first pitch and feedback session titled, “Why Should I Buy Your Book?” at the Enoch Pratt Free Library (Edmondson Branch location) in Baltimore, MD.

This session included a great line up of fiction and non-fiction authors in a very supportive environment. We all sat in a circle and each participant was given a few minutes to pitch their work and convince the audience why they should buy their books. After the pitch was given, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback including what they liked, what the author needed to work on, etc.
So here are 3 tips for preparing for a pitch session such as this:
·Prepare a one-line book description. Tell readers what your book is about in one clear and crisp sentence.
oThis is what I told the audience: "Gotta Get It Back is a romantic suspense novel set in Baltimore that is a roller coaster ride of intrigue, sex and drama." 
·Connect with reade…

Interview with Glen Mourning, author of the Crunchy Life Kid’s Book Series

Author’s Bio:  Glen Leroy Mourning was born on March 26, 1987 in Danbury, Connecticut and has been blessed with the opportunity to lead by example where he would become the first of two generations to not only graduate from high school, but to complete a master’s degree.

In 2005 Glen earned a Full-Athletic Scholarship to attend the University of Connecticut. In 2010 Glen finished his master’s degree in Elementary Education and was named the Student teacher of the year at the University of Bridgeport. Since then, Glen worked alongside the nationally renowned Educational contributor Dr. Steve Perry, Star of the CNN Special "Black in America II" and the host of TV One's "Save our Sons".
As a master 4th and 5th grade language arts teacher Glen has managed to brilliantly inspire the lives of hundreds of students in his tenure as an educator. His greatest accomplishments are not those that have occurred on the playing fields across America but rather with his promise t…

An Interview with Ellen Butler, author of Fatal Legislation

Author’s Bio:Ellen Butler is a best-selling novelist writing edgy suspense thrillers and award-winning historical fiction. Ellen holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and Policy. Her experiences living and working in the D.C. area inspired the Karina Cardinal mystery series.
DL: What inspired you to write your book?  EB: [Spoiler Alert] While I was working on the first Karina Cardinal mystery, Isabella’s Painting, I saw an ad on television recalling pacemakers because they could be hacked and thought, “What a diabolical way to kill someone, I’ve got to put that in a book.” 
DL: Describe your writing process? Do you use an outline or let it flow organically?  EB: When I wrote romances, it was very easy to be a pantster over plotter. However, I’ve found with writing mysteries, I have to prepare an outline to make the suspense flow properly, drop clues in the right place, and keep the timeline consistent. 
DL: What do you think makes a good story?  EB: Personally, I prefer stories t…