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"May In Review"

This month was jammed packed with activities: book signings, networking with fellow authors, writing, socializing with friends, celebrating Mother's Day, watching great movies, including the Avengers which I saw this evening. Sometimes, you really have to go with the flow and this month I thought I would have more down time but sadly that wasn't the case. However, I did manage to set a schedule for myself and I've been sticking with it thus far...until next time, have fun reading my blog and leave me a comment if you like!

"Memorial Day Weekend"

This weekend should have been a time for cookouts and enjoying some family time. Instead, my  was jam packed with activities: having dinner and lunches with friends and networking with fellow authors and publishers. By the time I got home this evening, I was beat to the streets which left me just enough time to relax and get ready to go again for the week. Whew, I really need to block some alone time for myself!

"Wine Tasting"

Sometimes our lives get so busy that we don't take the time to unwind and do something fun, something that doesn't require much thinking or studying to get a grade. For the past couple of weeks I joined 8 others in an Introduction to Wine Tasting class at the local community college. I enjoy drinking wine both red and white although I'm partial to sweeter wines. So when I saw a class was being offered to learn about the six stages of wine (seeing, swirling, smelling, sipping, savoring and summarize) I signed up quickly.

I eagerly gathered all the materials (4 wine glasses, salt free crackers, bottled water and napkins) and geared up to taste some great wines. I was not disappointed. At each class we savored 9 different types of wines from various places (California, Italy, France, Africa) and my taste buds jumped from reds to whites as soon as the instructor could pour them.  We had loads of fun and learned about the wine tasting process and the difference between the trad…

"Happy Mother's Day"

Today as I spent time with my mother, I was reminded how special she is in so many ways. She's not only my mother but a great listener and a good friend. We should all cherish the days that we have with our mothers as they are the rock that supports us through the tough times, the sounding board to listen to our hopes, dreams, disappointments, heart aches and joys and the wealth of knowledge to guide us through the rest of our lives! So kudos to my mom and the rest of the mothers in the world!

"Baltimore Urban Book Festival"

This weekend I had a blast at the Baltimore Urban Book Festival. To kick off the event, there was a social held on Friday night, May 5th at Teavolve Cafe and Lounge at Harbor East. The music was rocking, the drinks were flowing, folks were mingling, and taking pictures. It was great to meet other authors and their supporters. After the fun, I went home to get a good night's sleep to gear up for a long at the Book Festival which was held at the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Meyers Maritime Museum.

The big day - lots of celebrity authors (Omar Tyree, Ladawn Black, Chris Hicks, etc) and local authors including myself were set up on the third floor. There were activities for the kids and food vendors set up outside. The media was buzzing around, interviewing us and snapping pictures. I made a lot of good contacts (book club members, magazines, etc), met a lot of readers, and fans who stopped by simply to say hello.

Enjoy some of the pics from the social with fellow authors and from the fe…