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A Review of Up To No Good by Carl Weber

Carl Weber aka the King of Drama didn’t disappoint in this novel as he weaves a story of lust, lies, and love. This book is written from three perspectives: James (a successful businessman and a womanizing father who can’t commit to anyone), Darnel (his crazy in love son), and Jamie (his spoiled daughter who has severe trust issues in her relationship).
The story unfolds when Darnel finds out that Keisha, the love of his life has cheated on him with his best friend the day before their wedding. With the wedding being cancelled and dealing with betrayal, Darnel starts drinking heavily and spiraling out of control as he concocts various ways to disparage Keisha.
In the midst of it all, James tries to support his son allowing him to stay at his house until his womanizing ways get in the way. Jamie wants her brother to get over Keisha and tries to set him up with her friend Sandra but Sandra ends up falling for James. Quite a complicated web that continues to trap everyone up until the …