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A Review of The Mark by Kiki Swinson

This is the first time I’m reading anything by this author. The synopsis drew me in: Lauren exacting revenge on Matt, her hustler ex-boyfriend who kills her husband and kidnaps her baby because she stole money from him. She then tracks him down from New York to Virginia and when she finds him, he forces her to commit a bank robbery in order to get her baby back. Interesting storyline, but I was sadly disappointed in its execution and resolution.
Nevertheless, I thought it gave readers a good snapshot into the criminal/street life (drugs, bank robberies, and murders). The dialogue was authentic, the actions of Matt’s soldiers (Preech, Kanan and Juice) were realistic including the treatment of women (no respect whatsoever). There were frequent acts of violence some of which I thought was unnecessary.
Overall, this was a fast read. The author did a good job of depicting Matt’s craziness, Lauren’s strength in enduring his vicious actions against her in the quest for getting her child bac…