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A Review of Six Easy Pieces by Walter Mosley

Wow, if you are an avid Walter Mosley fan of the Easy Rawlings series then this book which is a collection of six short stories about Easy will leave you very fulfilled. For starters, you get a great snapshot of Easy and his family and friends who become key players in other novels and the backstory primes you for future adventures.
The major thing I enjoy about Mosley’s books is his love of colors and how the titles conjure up what’s to come. In Smoke, a fire breaks out at the school where Easy is the supervising senior head custodian and he has to figure out who is behind it. Here Easy’s investigative skills are at work, maneuvering the streets of L.A. and solving crimes. Mosley continues to thread the drama from one short story to another In Crimson Stain, Silver Lining, Lavender, Gator Green and Gray-Eyed Death. Overall, this is an excellent read!
Some of my favorite lines:             “I don’t know what he said, but I’m no criminal, and I haven’t been involved in any crimes,” I sai…

Interview with Charles Stokes, Author of Love Pain & Poetry

Author’s Bio: Charles Stokes is an avid writer and military veteran from Baltimore, MD who served as a paralegal in Iraq and Afghanistan. His time served at war and his interactions with others throughout his life have given him a deeper understanding of the human experience. In his free time, Stokes is a car enthusiast, appreciates sports, and target shooting. Love Pain and Poetry is his first book.
What inspired you to write your book? CS: I don't know what inspired me. I was writing daily.  I’d written 50 poems in ten days. It was the most productive thing I'd done in eight months.  It eased the worries of depression and cleared my head.  The thoughts of a book came after allowing my brother to hear it.
Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult? CS: No, honestly it was music if anything that got me writing. As far as writing poetry goes, there is Dr. Angelo, Tupac, and Langston Hughes. I really like their poetry howe…

Interview with Valerie J. Lewis Coleman, Author of The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box – relationship advice that your father didn’t tell you and your mother didn’t know

Author’s Bio: Valerie J. Lewis Coleman serves women who struggle to experience a fulfilling relationship by revealing The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box to attract and keep lasting love. She helps women identify the four types of male hunters, avoid 70% of men who only want the goody box and win the heart of Mr. Right-For-You. With proven techniques to help you get off the crazy cycle of relational demise and advice from men women would be crazy to ignore, you, too, can become a man whisperer. Request your complimentary copy of Every Man's Private Marriage Check List at #TheGoodyBoxBook
What inspired you to write your book? I was tired—and this next statement must sound familiar—of making the same relationship mistakes over and over. Like many women, I vented to my mother, sister, and girlfriends, but their advice was tainted with broken hearts, betrayal, and disappointment. I had left my relationships to chance instead of intentionally designing the relatio…