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Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Review of Six Easy Pieces by Walter Mosley

Wow, if you are an avid Walter Mosley fan of the Easy Rawlings series then this book which is a collection of six short stories about Easy will leave you very fulfilled. For starters, you get a great snapshot of Easy and his family and friends who become key players in other novels and the backstory primes you for future adventures.

The major thing I enjoy about Mosley’s books is his love of colors and how the titles conjure up what’s to come. In Smoke, a fire breaks out at the school where Easy is the supervising senior head custodian and he has to figure out who is behind it. Here Easy’s investigative skills are at work, maneuvering the streets of L.A. and solving crimes. Mosley continues to thread the drama from one short story to another In Crimson Stain, Silver Lining, Lavender, Gator Green and Gray-Eyed Death.
Overall, this is an excellent read!

Some of my favorite lines:
            “I don’t know what he said, but I’m no criminal, and I haven’t been involved in any crimes,” I said. That wasn’t completely true, but it was close enough for Brown and I knew it. “It’s true that I’ve known some pretty bad men, women too. If you go out your door down here you’re likely to meet some bad folks, cain’t help that. But what your captain might have meant is that I used to be in the business of doing favors.”
            “What kind of favors?
            “People, black people, got all kinds of difficulties, you know that. A kid gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, a car goes missing. Calling the police, many times, just makes something bad that much worse. In that kinda situation I would come and give a little push. Nothing criminal. Nothing bad.”
            “Like an unlicensed private detective.”
            “Exactly like that. But you know I’ve been outta that business since coming to work at Truth.
            Brown smooth out one side of his mustache with a long slender finger while he peered into my eyes. “Okay,” he said at last. “All right. What can I do for you?”                I          
Rating: 5 stars

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