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Citizens' Police Academy Update

This program has been going well thus far. I’m learning a lot and having fun. Just a couple of weeks ago we had a firearms training session where each person in the CPA went through two scenarios kind of like a Hogan’s Alley to get the bad guys. At first, I was nervous but once I was shown how to handle the gun (not with real bullets) and to use the flashlight in the dark, let’s just say I got my bad guy mostly on the first shot (beam hits) during the practical shooting exercise. Not too shabby for a rookie.

That exercise was followed up by this week’s presentation on traffic law enforcement and some of the dangers that drivers face while drinking or being distracted while texting and talking on the phone. Some of the pictures these accidents and commercials shown to reinforce the message of how dangerous these behaviors are were enough to make anyone think twice before doing something stupid and risking their lives and others. For me, the message was delivered loud and clear – I’ll c…

October & All Things Halloween!

Everyone looks forward to the end of October as it marks the annual Halloween celebration. It is a time for the colors orange and black, decorated pumpkins, trick-or-treating, wearing costumes, visiting haunted houses, etc.

Today, my mentee and I went to a children’s costume party at a friend’s house. The kids came dressed in a wide variety of costumes from superman to a sea-faring wench to a pumpkin. The house was decorated with all things Halloween and there was no shortage of activities for the kids to do: they did a craft (decorating a picture frame with their names on it), play games including hitting the piñata and scramble for candy and there was a balloon artist to create easy twist balloons of real life objects and animals. The kids had a great time and surprisingly so did I. This party allowed me to be a kid again even if it were only for a few hours.

We should all take time out to laugh and be silly! Happy Halloween!!!

Citizens' Police Academy

I’m currently participating in the Howard County Police Department Citizen’s PoliceAcademy which is an interactive 11 week course. This course is designed to give participants an inside look into the daily operation of the police department and to provide a better understanding of what it takes to be a police officer in Howard County. I signed up for this course to gain a better appreciation for the role police officers play in our everyday lives in HowardCounty. Generally, most of us don’t have a positive image of police officers as we often times hear about the negative things that they do without sometimes understanding the underlying reasons for their actions.
Thus, the main focus of this program is to improve the relationships and to gain a better understanding between the police and the community which they serve. Classes are conducted in a real police academy setting and are taught by certified police training instructors. Some of the things we as participants will experience in…


A mentor is defined as an adviser or someone who counsels another. To me, a mentor is a friend but most importantly someone who listens. I've been a mentor for the past five years in a faith based mentoring program for young ladies between the ages of 11 - 18. This September marked the beginning of the new academic year and I've now met my new mentee. She is a bright 11 year old and my third mentee since my tenure as a mentor within this program. I'm really excited to be there for her during her 1st year in middle school and as a friend.

So take some time to give back to your community whether by volunteering to read to the elderly, rehabing a home, being a mentor, or feeding the homeless, etc. It really sends the message that despite our hectic schedules we can always find time to reach out and touch someone.


I love the Fall season. I enjoy watching the leaves turn beautiful shades of green, orange and red. For me this season kicks off many activities I’m involved in and those which I want to explore.

So for the next upcoming weeks, I’ll spotlight my mentoring activities as well as the HCPD Citizen’s PoliceAcademy which I just recently started.
Stay tuned!