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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Citizens' Police Academy

I’m currently participating in the Howard County Police Department Citizen’s Police Academy which is an interactive 11 week course. This course is designed to give participants an inside look into the daily operation of the police department and to provide a better understanding of what it takes to be a police officer in Howard County. I signed up for this course to gain a better appreciation for the role police officers play in our everyday lives in Howard County. Generally, most of us don’t have a positive image of police officers as we often times hear about the negative things that they do without sometimes understanding the underlying reasons for their actions.

Thus, the main focus of this program is to improve the relationships and to gain a better understanding between the police and the community which they serve. Classes are conducted in a real police academy setting and are taught by certified police training instructors. Some of the things we as participants will experience include:

  • Tours of the Police Department, Crime Lab and the 911 Call Center;
  • Courses on Traffic Laws & Enforcement, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, Community Policing, Criminal Investigations, Homeland Security & Gang Issues;
  • Presentations by the Police Department’s K-9 Unit and Tactical Unit;
  • Interactive Firearms Training on a Firearms Simulator, Police Pursuit & Driver Training, and a Police Officer Ride-Along

I look forward to attending classes every week and learning more about what it takes to ensure the safety of Howard County residents. Also, I’m really excited about going on a Police Officer Ride-Along. So stay tuned!

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