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Showing posts from December, 2014

"Much Needed Break"

Ah the Christmas Season has officially ended. No more rush to get gifts, no more Christmas music, no more last minute food shopping and stress to make sure the table is just right. Instead everyone will now be gearing up to celebrate the New Year. And that has it's own level of stress: finding the right outfit, finding the right place to party, etc.
As for me, I'll be chilling in the safety of my home, no excitement, no bells and whistles. I'll enjoy the calm and quiet and use this time as a period of reflection. So, bring on 2015!

"Stress of the Holidays and Then Some"

The holiday season can be a time of stress: last minute shopping, last minute decorating, etc. However, it seems that folks are also losing their mind committing all types of crimes against their families and against the community at large.

The news have been flooded with these stories some of which are too painful to rehash here. But if you've kept up with the news you'll know that two police officers were gunned down in Brooklyn, New York yesterday while simply sitting in their cars. This was unreal as I can't fathom what would cause folks to do crazy things and then turn around then take the coward's way out by killing themselves. It simply boggles the mind and I hope and pray that hearts will start healing despite all the recent tragedies. #praying

"Greenbelt Festival of Lights"

Today, I worked the Maryland Writers' Association - Montgomery County Chapter's table at the Greenbelt Community Center. I had a great time meeting some fellow writers and some of the other vendors too!

Here are some photos from the event.