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Reflective Mood - Self Reliance

I'm in a reflective mood today. As I flipped through a book of quotations by African American poets, writers, actors, singers, civil rights activists, film makers, etc. I thought I'd share the following quotation by one of my favorite novelist and poet, Maya Angelou:

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."
Maya Angelou, 1928-

The 7 C's to Success in Life (Care)

CARE – This C to me means having a feeling of concern or interest, paying attention, or possessing a sense of responsibility.

In general, I believe everyone should care enough to do a job well done whether it’s in the workplace, in the community, strengthening family bonds or building friendships. If you are working for yourself or within an organization, caring about producing an excellent product means repeat business, referrals, pay increases, recognition etc. This also gives you a sense of pride, self worth and accomplishment.

When you care enough to contribute your time and efforts in believing and fighting for a cause, your community gets stronger. When family members care enough to protect each other, the family bond becomes impenetrable. When you care enough to share, be considerate and support your friends, your friendships will last a lifetime.

Thus, caring is what makes us human and gives us a foothold in today’s society.

The 7 C’s to Success in Life (Community)

COMMUNITY – The first thing that comes to mind when I think of community is a feeling of togetherness. It’s fellowshipping with others who have similar interests, attitudes, goals, religious beliefs, the area where you’re from, etc.
In the workplace, the community is also known as the culture of the workplace. It’s how employees interact with each other, their bosses and others who come to do business with them. It could be collegial, professional, or competitive depending on the type of business you’re in. Thus, finding a perfect fit can a daunting experience for managers who have to hire new employees as they try their best to determine whether your personality would gel with the others to continue the status quo without any hiccups.
In our own personal backyard, our community is wherever you reside (condos, apartments, townhomes, rowhouses, single family homes) and the neighbors within, next door or nearby. We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise one child.” This say…

The 7 C’s to Success in Life (Creativity)

CREATIVITY – Creativity comes from one’s ability to have original thoughts, ideas and imagination. Given today’s economic downturn, when money is tight and jobs are scarce, you have to embrace creativity. In the workplace, if you can bring a creative solution to a problem then your superior may see you as a problem solver/valuable employee. This is a good thing because in many circles it can guarantee job security.
In our everyday lives, you have to be creative with the few dollars that you’re working with. If you can’t afford to continue splurging on expensive or high-end products, you have to seek out products and services that are comparable in substance but cheaper in price. So going to Wal*Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Dollar Stores etc. gets you more value for your buck.

We all like to hang out with family and friends. So why not take advantage of the neighborhood's park, pack a lunch, a blanket and enjoy nature with the family. You can also have a backyard cookout/bbq that won&#…

The 7 C's to Success in Life (Collaboration)

COLLABORATION – Working together can provide great economic and social benefits. In a work setting, collaborative efforts can yield great results when you put together a team of different talents who generate great ideas. This creates the sharing of knowledge, team building and learning. It also drastically reduces the time and stress level an individual would encounter if they were assigned to complete a project all on their own. While working as a team leverages the responsibilities, let’s not forget that having a great group dynamic goes a long way.

In our personal lives, we can find collaboration just about everywhere: in church (working on various committees), in school (working on projects), at the gym (groups to cheer your fitness on), in marriage (working together to build a solid family foundation), in friendships (great friends that have your back), while volunteering (working with others to build a better community), etc.

I believe that collaboration can set the stage for a h…