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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The 7 C's to Success in Life (Care)

CARE – This C to me means having a feeling of concern or interest, paying attention, or possessing a sense of responsibility.

In general, I believe everyone should care enough to do a job well done whether it’s in the workplace, in the community, strengthening family bonds or building friendships. If you are working for yourself or within an organization, caring about producing an excellent product means repeat business, referrals, pay increases, recognition etc. This also gives you a sense of pride, self worth and accomplishment.

When you care enough to contribute your time and efforts in believing and fighting for a cause, your community gets stronger. When family members care enough to protect each other, the family bond becomes impenetrable. When you care enough to share, be considerate and support your friends, your friendships will last a lifetime.

Thus, caring is what makes us human and gives us a foothold in today’s society.

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