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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The 7 C's to Success in Life (Collaboration)

COLLABORATION – Working together can provide great economic and social benefits. In a work setting, collaborative efforts can yield great results when you put together a team of different talents who generate great ideas. This creates the sharing of knowledge, team building and learning. It also drastically reduces the time and stress level an individual would encounter if they were assigned to complete a project all on their own. While working as a team leverages the responsibilities, let’s not forget that having a great group dynamic goes a long way.

In our personal lives, we can find collaboration just about everywhere: in church (working on various committees), in school (working on projects), at the gym (groups to cheer your fitness on), in marriage (working together to build a solid family foundation), in friendships (great friends that have your back), while volunteering (working with others to build a better community), etc.

I believe that collaboration can set the stage for a happy and healthy life. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with others because you never know what you may learn, what opportunities may arise and who may become your friends for life.

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