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"Just A Quiet Weekend"

This past week was very hectic for me. So when Friday finally rolled around I simply couldn't wait to get home, grab a shower, and unwind with a glass of wine. It felt so good to be in the warmth of my home that I didn't look forward to running any errands on Saturday. Anyway, as I dragged myself out the door on Saturday afternoon, I was met with rain/snow which was a highly unlikely weather combination for October. But, I put my cap on and pulled up my collar, completed my errands and headed once again to the warmth of my home with the anticipation of staying in on Sunday as well. Sometimes that's all I really need to put things into perspective and to re-energize my mind, my body, and my spirit!

A "Luther" Weekend

This weekend I finally took time to check out hottie Idris Elba in his role as DCI John Luther, in the BBC America drama series, "Luther." On Friday night, I watched all the episodes of Season 1 and on Saturday, I was caught up on the most recent episodes of Season 2.

I love the premise of this crime drama because the writing is so fresh and the criminals do things that test Luther's resolve. He is a man haunted by the death of his wife and while he can become volatile and unhinged at times, he is fiercely dedicated to those who are loyal to him and he'll stop at nothing to help those in need. So two thumbs up for Idris Elba in this leading role and I look forward to seeing what his character will do next.

Check out details of the show and its characters at:

"Everything Shiny And New Isn't Always For You"

Yesterday, I took my car into the dealership for some transmission issues. This wasn't how I had intended to spend my Saturday afternoon but I really didn't have much of a choice in the matter. Anyway, a salesman approached me and asked whether I'd like to test drive a new car. And I replied that I'm not in the market for a new car as my car still had a ways to go before I had to make that determination. Nevertheless, the salesman was very adamant that I at least test drive the car and that it wouldn't hurt to do so. When I got into the car, everything was shiny and new: the smell of leather seats, moon roof, keyless entry, nice CD disc changer, place for my iPod, etc.

I took the car out for a spin and while I really enjoyed the new features and the way it handled on the road, I couldn't bring myself to signing on the dotted line. It was a no money down, zero percent interest and quite enticing. But as I sat in the salesman's office, I looked him in the eye…

"New Year - Mentoring Program"

The mentoring program began again for this upcoming school year. Fresh new faces (mentors/mentees) graced the opening and the blessing of the program. I'm excited to a part of a program that blends new concepts in reaching the young adults because they are indeed our future. So I look forward to learning from them while teaching them life skills to make them better role models to others.

"Dexter/Hung Premiere"

Two of my favorite cable shows premiered tonight: Dexter and Hung. I've been an avid fan of Dexter since the first show aired on October 1, 2006. Each season gets better and better with new villains and this season, I was pleasantly surprised to see Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks as Dexter's arch rivals. The theme this season centers around religion and viewers get to see Dexter questioning his faith or lack thereof. While he has a son to raise, he is very protective and fearful that his son will inherit some of his habits of taking the law into his own hands. So, we'll see how he struggles to reconcile his feelings this season.

As for Hung, what can I say? This show is so hilarious. I've been hooked on this show since it premiered on June 28, 2009. I can't seem to get enough of the characters' theatrics and motivation as to why they do the things they do to survive. I love the dark humor about a subject some would find taboo especially it has been always be…