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Showing posts from September, 2013

"A Trip to Bountiful"

This past weekend was well spent in the Big Apple checking out the play, A Trip to Bountiful with Cicely Tyson and Vanessa Williams at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre.

"A woman's determination to go home one last time restores hope and faith to her family."

Two thumbs up for this play! Cicely Tyson was awesome and Vanessa Williams and the rest of the crew rocked! This was a must see play!

"Mentoring Program Back in the Swing of Things"

Yesterday, I attended the 21st Annual Opening of the Man-to-Man and 8th Opening of the Woman-to-Woman Mentoring Program Commitment/Recommitment Ceremony at the St. John Baptist Church. It was indeed a pleasure to see some old familiar faces and some fresh ones both mentors and mentees eager to start the new year will a lot of zest. The program was great with highlights about what is expected from the mentor-mentee relationship. It was great to see the parents and those who run the tutoring part of the program. Yes, indeed...I'm excited!

"C3 Conference"

What a fantastic weekend we all had at the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference in Hunt Valley.

"DMV Weekenders - Quest for some good seafood: The Maryland Seafood Festival"

As if we didn't have enough fun at the Autobahn Indoor Karting in Jessup, we took to Annapolis in search of some good seafood at The Maryland Seafood Festival. Before we even parked, we could smell the Old Bay Seasoning wafting through the air. The music was very inviting and folks were everywhere. Now, what to eat??? That was the burning question, however, there was a listing of all the food vendors, their seafood offerings and the prices. Some of the lines were so long that I didn't even bother to see what the vendors were selling but I would guess it was some delicious food. But hunger won me over and I ended up getting a shrimp and crab cake platter from Phillips - I couldn't go wrong there! Yes, it hit the spot and we all walked around and danced a little to the live band before heading in our separate directions. Overall, it was a great fun filled day! See the pics below.

"DMV Weekenders - Quest for Speed: Autobahn Indoor Karting"

Today, I met up with the DMV Weekenders and we had a blast. First, we were on a quest for speed and we had a lot of fun at the Autobahn Indoor Karting in Jessup, MD. This place was buzzing with lots of folks just itching for some speed...then there was us...newbies! But, as newbies we rocked as we had two teams and I won the race for one of the teams. Honestly, I was kinda nervous as this was my first time racing in this setting...but I had a blast! See the pics below.