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"Bay To Ocean Writer's Conference"

Had a great time at the BTO Writer's Conference today! Great sessions on Beginnings, Middles and Ends, Adding Diversity to Your Writing, Inner Editor and Point of View.

"Enough Already!"

If you're like me, then I would venture a guess that you've just about had enough already guessed it - SNOW. These past couple of days we've been snowed in. It was amazing to watch the neighbors clean off their vehicles only to find it covered again in more snow later that day/night. Some were outside acting like snow experts guiding other neighbors out of tight spots, yet all I saw were tire spinning up more snow and folks looking frustrated.

I wished I could've screamed, "Unless you're an essential employee, then sit your butt in your house and just chill!" But folks just want to say that they were out there, bragging about dealing with the snow and no doubt creating havoc out in the streets. Really, was it that serious? So you guessed it...I kept my butt at home. Enough food in the fridge, enough to watch on TV but more importantly enough time to brain storm story ideas and get some WRITING done!

Needless to say, I'm optimistic about the u…

"American Hustle"

Awesome cast!