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"Linha De Passe" Brazilian Movie at the AFI

Excellent movie. See synopsis below:

Four brothers from the São Paulo slum navigate life in the 20 million-strong megacity and their own progress toward adulthood in this engrossing family drama. Dario has his heart set on making a top club soccer team, and knows at 18 it's his last chance to break in. Dingo holds down a job at a gas station, but finds more fulfillment attending his evangelical church. Dênis, the oldest, has a child he rarely sees and can't support with what little he earns as a motorcycle courier. Reginaldo, the youngest, dreams of finding his long-absent father, a bus driver, and plays detective exploring the city's public transportation. For her portrayal of Cleuza, the boys' harried, hard-working mother, desperate to conceal her latest pregnancy from her employers for fear of losing her housecleaning job, Sandra Corveloni deservedly won the Best Actress Prize at Cannes.

"Stoney River Legendary Steaks"

After a very hectic week, I joined a friend of mine for dinner at Stoney River Legendary Steaks, a restaurant known for its steaks. Although the wait was almost an hour, the food was worth it. The lump crab meat appetizer was delicious followed by the Szechuan Salmon with thai rice and spinach was mouth watering.

Great dining experience! Check out their website at

"Blessing of the Mentoring Program"

Part of the kick off for the mentoring program is the blessing of the program. Essentially, this means that the mentoring program is given a special "shout out" during the service and the mentees and mentors are called up to the front of the church and given a special blessing for the upcoming mentoring/school year.

At the church service, the theme was "Faith In God." The message was that if we have faith (belief and trust) in Jesus Christ, the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains, and that all things are possible. The only thing that could get in our way of overcoming life's obstacles, strength to endure hardships, guidance in our life's journey and joy is fear and doubt. What I got from this sermon is that while prayer may not change our circumstances or make things happen quickly, it will definitely change you. Faith, as the pastor told the congregation is not a "get out of suffering card." Basically, it all in how you deal with life…

"Kick off of the Mentoring Program"

Today marked the beginning of the woman-to-woman mentoring program which I've been involved with for the past six years. It was great to see all the mentees and the mentors back together, excited and geared up for the new school year. I look forward to helping to shape young minds for the future.

"Half Note Lounge" - Another Adventure

Another Saturday night out at Half Note Lounge. As always the food was superb, the drinks especially the Strawberry Lemonade and the Bacardi Hawaiian Punch were the envy of some tables until the patrons ordered their own :)

The band, Style, was off the chain. The singers did renditions of various songs including Erykah Badu's "Window Seat," some DC go go music, hip hop and had everyone on the dance floor working up a sweat - myself included.

Time flew by and before we knew it - it was 1:30 a.m. On our way out, we met a few people, including - Chef Robert L. Jackson and thanked him for preparing the delicious dishes and dessert.