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Friday, September 24, 2010

"Linha De Passe" Brazilian Movie at the AFI

Excellent movie. See synopsis below:

Four brothers from the São Paulo slum navigate life in the 20 million-strong megacity and their own progress toward adulthood in this engrossing family drama. Dario has his heart set on making a top club soccer team, and knows at 18 it's his last chance to break in. Dingo holds down a job at a gas station, but finds more fulfillment attending his evangelical church. Dênis, the oldest, has a child he rarely sees and can't support with what little he earns as a motorcycle courier. Reginaldo, the youngest, dreams of finding his long-absent father, a bus driver, and plays detective exploring the city's public transportation. For her portrayal of Cleuza, the boys' harried, hard-working mother, desperate to conceal her latest pregnancy from her employers for fear of losing her housecleaning job, Sandra Corveloni deservedly won the Best Actress Prize at Cannes.

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