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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home Stretch of My Journaling

Success! I finally made it through all 27 days of journaling. There were times when I wanted to crawl into bed after a very long day, but told myself that I needed to review my journal prompt and at least write a paragraph or two. I really learned a lot about myself after I went back through the pages and read some of my journal entries: my fears - how to face them; my wants and needs - how to evaluate them; what brings me joy - how to embrace it; my goals and dreams - how to pursue them; and the list goes on. I really enjoyed this journey to health and happiness.

I highly recommend that everyone take time out for themselves to realize how therapeutic it is to put pen to paper and simply write what's in their minds and heart. You'd be surprised how much you could learn about yourself. Visit www.createwritenow.com for more journaling information!

Day 19: If Only They'd...Write about a time you told someone an idea, goal or dream of ours and that person discouraged you instead of offering suport. How did that make you feel.

Day 20: Wish You Were Here. Write a letter to a loved one who has passed.

Day 21: In Pursuit of Passion. What are your passions? What do you truly love to spend time doing?

Day 22: She Works Too Hard for the Money. Use your journal as a "worry journal" where you can discuss your money problems and fears honestly.

Day 23: Beautiful Music. Find the lyrics to your favorite song and copy them into your journal. What emotions or memories do they bring to mind?

Day 24: Act Naturally. Write a letter to a loved one in your journal, as if you were writing a postcard from a faraway place.

Day 25: Coming into Consciousness. Ask yourself the question, "What really matters to me the most?"

Day 26: That's the Spirit. On a blank page in your journal write or draw what your spiritual life looks like right now.

Day 27: Party time! Celebrate and share your accomplishments.

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