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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Staying the Course - Journaling Continues

It's amazing how quickly this week went by. Nevertheless, I didn't miss a beat in writing in my journal.

Here's what I covered:

Day 13: Food, Glorious Food. For 5 days keep a food journal. Record what you're eating and feeling, and you can evaluate your entries later.

Day 14: A Room of Your Own. Clear your space and clear your head. What baggage, physical or emotional, were you able to throw away while cleaning.

Day 15: Imagine That! Play with your imagination...describe your earliest childhood memories, the place you most want to visit, your favorite meal (in vivid, mouth-watering detail), a guilty pleasure, a disasterous travel experience, your favorie smells or sounds.

Day 16: Goal for It. At the beginning of each week, write down one goal you would like to focus on. Set asisde 10 minutes to reflect on your progress. Choose a time of day you're able to relax and write interrupted.

Day 17: You Gotta Problem with Dat? Sometimes you just need a good friend to listen to you cry and complain when you're upset. Treat your journal like your very best friend and tell it all about your biggest problem.

Day 18: Voice Your Approval. Put all of your best qualities into words by writing a personal ad for yourself.

Day 19: If Only They'd... Write about a time you told someone an idea, goal or dream of yours and that person discouraged you instead of offering support. Remember how you felt in that moment.

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