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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Week

It would seem that a lot of folks were in a hurry this week to get to nowhere on the beltways, highways and in parking lots. I observed folks switching lanes without signaling, swerving because they were putting on makeup, talking or texting on the phone. Even when I was leaving a busy parking lot, this driver was so hell bent on parking so close to the entrance of the store that she blocked my view of on coming traffic which prevented me from making a left hand turn. She had no clue as she was playing with her hair until I motioned to her to move so I could see the traffic.

Another thing I observed, was folks running the red light only to end up at another red light. There really is no reason to risk the lives of others to get to nowhere.

So for all drivers who are cautious out there, remember that you save lives by driving not only for yourselves but for others as well. There really is no excuse to take your eyes off traffic. If you don't have speakerphone or blue tooth capabilities, whoever is calling you can leave a message until it's safe to be on the phone.

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