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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Daycation - Part Deux - Washington, DC"

Well Summer is on the verge of winding down, so my brother and I decided to head back to D.C. to visit a few more museums.

This time we visited the following museums/gardens/sights:

The Sackler Gallery/Freer Art Gallery - The Exhibitions were breathtaking (Perspectives - Hai Bo, this artist photographed himself in the same location during the four seasons; Gods of Angkor; Cornucopia - ceramics from Southern Japan; masterpieces of Chinese paintings; Arts of the Islamic World Galleries; Ancient Egyptian Art; Korean Art). When I was viewing some Hindu art, I noticed a very interesting belief held by the Hindus. They believed everyone should aspire to four gods for life on earth:

1. Dharma - righteous living
2. Artha - wealth acquired through the pursuit of profession
3. Karma - human love
4. Moksha - spiritual salvation

The Smithsonian Castle - I really enjoyed the "Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection," which opened in June 2010. This Former Secretary of State used pins to express her moods and opinions. Ms. Albright's collection ranged from the most delicate to the most intricate pins. I also thought it was interesting to note that some heads of state would watch to see which pin she was wearing to gauge her mood when she walked into a meeting.

The Haupt Garden - very beautiful collection of flowers and trees.

The American Art Museum - I enjoyed the Norman Rockwell collection. He was a great illustrator, painter and storyteller. I enjoyed seeing his work in black and white as well as in color. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas paid homage to this great artist in a short film about his work and its impact on the film making industry.

Chinatown - I haven't been to Chinatown in a very long time and was surprised by all the new shops.

Finally, we stopped at Union Station and had dinner at the East Street Cafe, authentic Asian cuisine before heading home.

Another great day!!

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