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Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Reinvent ME Live Video Challenge #2"

In Marshawn Evan's second class, she discussied Dream Shifter #2: Defining Your WHY which was very on point. In this class, she stated that your mindset is always key and that "No, keeps us stuck and Yes, begins to create new opportunities." So once you define the three aspects of your WHY: 1) why you do what you do or what gives you the motivation to do it, 2) your ultimate calling or your mission, and 3) how to articulate the value you provide to people, then you'll begin to identify your audience. Along the way, we make mistakes and encounter many obstacles but once we know how to position ourselves and to launch our best self, then our brilliance will come shining through.

Sometimes, it's hard to determine the real WHY and so my commitment to myself after this class is to dig deep and challenge myself to face my obstacles no matter how uncomfortable it will make me feel. I'll also start recognizing that branding comes from my spirit, my heart, my calling and my soul in order to find my PIN (profitable, income and niche) and build a dynamic platform.

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