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Monday, February 27, 2012

"Reinvent ME Live Video Challenge #3"

Class #3 was awesome! Dream Shifter #3: Upgrading Your Strategy really resounded with me. The four realities or reasons why we need a strategy were pivotal: 1) passion without a plan is just a pastime, 2) intention without implementation becomes imagination, 3) calling without commitment is careless and is selfish, and 4) dreams without deadlines end up in decay. Also, realizing that our dreams are suffering from starvation because they are not being fed and we don’t treat them as a business affects us all. For many of us the real issue lies in the fact that we have outgrown our garden. I really loved the analogy that Marshawn shared about the difference between dirt and soil. Dirt can’t support our growth and so it’s important that we get away from those whose mindsets are not positive or even support our dreams. I’ve made it a point to clean house of those people who don’t want to see me prosper simply because they are miserable or envious. Instead, I’m aligning myself with those who motivate me and who inspire me to grow with strength in a better soil/better environment.

2012 will be my year for harvest as I have started to set deadlines for my dreams. With that being said, the TOP three things that I would need to enhance my brand and my vision are: 1) identifying a mentor who has credibility, 2) identifying the best ways to leverage my financial resources and 3) identifying ways to make myself more visible to my core audience.

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