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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Reinvent ME Live Video Challenge #1"

In Marshawn Evan's first class (January 2012), she talked about not leaving things on the table, whether it's health, business, relationships, etc. She mentioned that dream drifters that can make a difference in our lives. So, let's start with Dream Shifter#1 which is discussed below.

Dream Shifter #1: "Deciding that it's time" - resonated with me on a lot of levels. Specifically, I've decided to be an influencer to others by helping them realize their dreams, helping them to find new jobs, etc., getting rid of the Goliaths in my life by making them less significant as they are blocking my many blessings, getting out of my comfort zone by not sitting on the sidelines and waiting for someone to "draft" me in - so I'll be diving all the way in by seeking out opportunities to promote myself as an author and by finishing up other writing projects that are pending. Regarding the "Superwoman Syndrome," I've learned to prioritize myself and I'm recognizing that sometimes when you give to everyone they are not always thankful or they take my time and my kindness for granted. Also, I'm finding more time to dream because as Marshawn said, "dreams are whispers that heaven speak to us."

My biggest a-ha moment: Realizing that I'm the champion of ALL things possible in my life and that all Goliaths are roadblocks that need to be removed in order for success to come through! Until the next class...I wish everyone an abundant journey!

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