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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Reinvent ME Live Video Challenge #4"

In class #4, Marshawn talked about Dream Shifter #4: Connecting With A Coach. She said that training with a coach gives you a mindset of winning. Coaches expect the best and accept the best. Coaches should have 4 things:

1. They should have already experienced success.
2. They should have success with coaching others.
3. They should actually be successful.
4. They should be someone you respect because of their value and integrity.

Also, she stated that coaches should have intensity because sometimes our calling needs a KICK!

Put FAITH into action. PURPOSE in no place for the lazy. SUCCESS is great when it comes from the desire to finish!

In closing, Marshawn talked about Dream Shifter #5: Make Winning Your Lifestyle. Winners know how to say yes to themselves. Winning is what you're designed for not struggle for. Say Yes to your purpose, say Yes to your Calling and say Yes to your Destinny.

She stated that the gift that you have is tied to the abundance you receive - your profit center. It's time to DIVORCE your FEARS and MARRY your DREAMS!

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