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Sunday, April 7, 2013

"The Undershepherd"

I missed the premier of the Undershepherd when it aired on Easter Sunday but luckily for me I had set the DVR to record it. So after a long week, I finally got a chance to watch this much talked about movie by Russ Parr, radio persnality of 93.9FM tonight. I must say that it held my attention from start to finish - the storyline was good and the actors really delivered.

I thought the movie provided a good snapshot of what happens in some but not all churches where pastors do wrong regularly (stealing money, having affairs, thinking they are God, etc). It's also amazing how money can make even a man of the cloth stoop to the lowest of low. This leads me to ask the question, do you know what goes on behind those church doors?

Kudos to Russ for doing a great job and Isaiah Washington played the role of LC with such menace that I was even scared - lol. Great cast and definitely a must see movie - two thumbs up!

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