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Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Getting My Groove On"

This week was a rough one for me...multiple meetings, lots of writing and folks pulling me in every direction. So when I got a chance to party my butt off on Saturday, I did just that at Martini's Restaurant & Lounge in Fort Washington in celebration of two of my author friend's birthdays. This was a surprise birthday party and boy was she surprised. It felt good to be a part of that feeling.

Now the party begins, the DJ rocked the house, the dance floor was packed, and the drinks were flowing. The DJ played something for everyone: rap, reggae, Go-Go, etc. Folks were sweating and just having a great time. I had to be pulled off the dance floor when it was time to leave and to my dance partner, well what can I say - Thanks for a good time!

Well, my weekend was fun and so it's back to reality this Sunday night as I prep for another week of work with all its demands. At least there will be moments when I smile reminiscing about Saturday night!

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