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Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Adrenalin Junkie"

Some days when I need to burn off some steam, I hit the gym and work out like crazy. There are other times, when I need to unwind and I would grab the novel I'm reading that's sitting at my bedside. This week instead of grabbing that novel, I reached for the remote control and found a TV series that I immediately got hooked on. Strike Back, is a British action and military television series, based on a novel of the same name by novelist and former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier Chris Ryan. The series follows the actions of Section 20, a secretive branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), who operate several high risk, priority missions throughout the globe (www.en.wikipedia.org).

On Thursday, I watched the first episode of season 1 and I couldn't resist watching the second episode. Between Friday night and the wee hours of Sunday morning, I had finished watching all ten episodes. I was immediately drawn to the plots, the locations, the explosives, and watching the actors actors who play the lead roles: Sullivan Stapleton who plays Damien Scott, ex-Delta Force Commando and Philip Winchester who plays Sgt. Michael Stonebrigde get out of some very tight spots. These two guys are so different, Damien - cocky, has a woman in every port and Michael - very level headed and strategic oriented...yet they make a great team, globetrotting through dangerous territories fighting terroism.

I chuckle as I'm writing this because if I'm not careful, I won't get much done today if I reach for the remote control and click on the second season. We'll see :-)

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