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Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Review of the play, Skeleton Crew (Baltimore Center Stage)

Last Sunday, I braved the rain and cold weather to see the play "Skeleton Crew" by Dominique Morisseau which was directed by Nicole A. Watson. This play was part of the Women's Voices Theater Festival.

This play is a depiction of folks working the line in a stamping plant in Detroit, Michigan, circa 2008. Meet Shanita, pregnant and without a man; Dez who's trying to save enough money to open his own business; Faye, who is simply trying to get in her 30 years before retiring; and Reggie their boss who is caught between executing management's plan to let them go or trying to save their jobs. This was definitely a tumultuous time in the auto industry where everyone's job at any given day could be yanked away.

All of these actors gave the audience an excellent performance. You could feel their joys when they talked about choosing a name for their baby (Shanita), or when they smoked a cigarette against company policies (Faye), or anxiety when a weapon was found in their backpack during a "Stop and Search" by management (Dez), or conflicted when they had to enforce company's rules (Reggie). Despite the uncertainty of losing their jobs and despite their flaws they stuck together as a family till the very end for an outcome befitting them all.

I thoroughly enjoyed this play. The actors engaged the audience and made you feel like you were right there working in the stamping plant. This play runs now through March 3, 2018 and it's a must see!

Cast members:
  • Brittany Bellizeare - Shanita
  • Stephanie Berry - Faye
  • Sekou Laidlaw - Reggie
  • Gabriel Lawrence - Dez
Check out the trailer and the actual set below:

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