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Sunday, February 18, 2018

5 Tips to Consider on Your Writing Journey to Publication and Beyond (Part 1)

So, you want to WRITE! Here are 5 tips to consider on your writing journey to
1.     Determine what you want to write: fiction versus non-fiction.

2.     Learn the art of writing by taking a creative writing class, attending writing workshops, conferences, etc.

3.     Read. Read. Read. (Books within and outside of your genre).

4.     Write. Write. Write. (Develop a daily schedule you can stick to).

5.     Research. Research. Research. (Subject matter, people, places, marketing strategies, etc.).


  1. These are very interesting tips. I believe it might also be interesting to encourage our members to enhance their confidence levels with a healthy dose of belief in ourselves as qualified artist. After all, it's important to remember that an artist is anyone who does anything exceptionally well. That means of course that artists are not only a person who paints pictures with oil paint and brushes on canvas, or one who sculpts. An artist is anyone who does what they do excellently well. A writer is no exception. Writers are just as legitimate as any visual fine art painter. As long as what a writer writes is driven with the same passion and skill and produced well enough to be considered "well done" you are an undeniable artist. So lets not think of our self as some form of sub-type of artist, but rather one to be taken as serious as any other artist who hangs in art gallery. Writing is without a shadow of a doubt an art form when it's done well. And that, my friends, is what should erase all doubt that we are anything other than creative artist/writers like any other artist when we write well. Agreed?

    1. Hi Bobby! Thanks so much for stopping by and showing my blog some love. And WOW - thanks so much for your profound comment about writers being "qualified artists." I totally agree that writing is an art form when done well. So, let's give a cheer to all creative artists/writers!! We ROCK!!