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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Review of The Root of all Evil by Joylynn M. Jossel

Meet Klarke Taylor, a mother of two and happily married until her husband blew up her world with his lies and infidelity. Now, she has a pile of bills and creditors breathing down her back. So she devises a plan along with her two besties, Jeva and Breezy to get her a man to bail her out of her financial situation. Reo Laroque is the man who fits the bill. He’s a bestselling author and is looking for a woman who can be his wife. However, all doesn’t go so smoothly as he is caught up in a twisted case of love, lust and lies.

This story had too much going on. Not only did Klarke have drama with her ex-husband, her boss and her new husband but her besties had issues with their men as well. While there were some interesting moments in this book, I felt the story would have been better served if it had fewer subplots. I perked up toward the end when Reo’s six-month-old daughter drowned in his pool and Klarke confessed to the crime but there was no hard evidence to put her away in jail. I was left wondering who did it and it was also unclear whether Harris played a part in it or not… then the book ended. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable read.

My favorite lines:

My beef has always been with you, Tionne. What’s strange is that I probably wouldn’t have even been mad at you if you were just the other woman. But when you decided to take on the role of my friend—laughing in my face, going out with me, coming over to my house and having me baby-sit your and Harris’s love child, you crossed the line. Otherwise my only beef would have been with Harris. Harris took vows and made a commitment to me, not you. You didn’t owe me shit. Harris did. I’m not like most women who fly off the handle and set out to beat the mistress down. But you, Tionne, you pretended to be my friend. You played me and that hurt.

Rating: 3 Stars

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