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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Marshawn Evans Tele-Event: "The Power of Platform"

This evening I tuned into Marshawn Evans, Attorney, Author, Reinvention Strategist and Owner of ME Unlimited, LLC tele-event about "The Power of Platform." I thought this was so pertinent to me as today is my birthday, a time of renewal and rebirth, a day which marks a year of me being older and wiser.

ME's focus in tonight's call was knowing the difference between a DESIRE and a DREAM. She stated that a DESIRE is rooted in a place of want whereas a DREAM is rooted in a place of worship (a gift from GOD which focuses on service). She pointed out that we're often led to believe that dreams are supposed to be far off. However, she said that this thinking is "warped, twisted and a straight up lie" because you should be able to experience your dreams today. Furthermore, joy should be tied to your dreams as you're supposed to feel strengthened, reinvented and rejuvenated.

In order to accomplish your dream, you should make sure that you're properly positioned and ready to take the leap into a new zone, a new dimension, a new territory, in other words it's time for a spacious place. A place where you're more capable of supporting and showcasing the God that lives within you. The following are some of the ways she shared that may prevent you from stepping into a spacious place:

1. Can't compare your calling/your success to others.
2. Can't overthink everything as dreams operate in a faith dimension.
3. Understand your companions - dismiss the haters and connect to a focused tribe.
4. Cluelessness - you can't be detached from wisdon. You have to be consistently equipped and tapped into a circle that's higher/deeper.
5. Clutching - holding onto something too tightly that it's choking the life out of your new season (2012).
6. Comfort Zone - becomes a danger zone.

So as we are fast approaching 2012, a leap year with an extra day, ME reminds us that the number 12 is an abundant number which marks the first experience, something new and different which will surprise you. I'm definitely looking forward to that experience and was thankful that I participated in this tele-event tonight!

For more information, you can visit www.marshawnevans.com

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