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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Harlem Book Fair": Saturday - July 23, 2011

During the weeks leading up the Harlem Book Fair event in New York, I was running around getting things together: vendor license, skirting marterials, more business cards, post cards, etc. I wanted to make sure that nothing was left undone. So I was very excited as I double checked my bags and headed for NYC. It was a long ride and my mom and I didn't get to NYC until after midnight. Tired and exhausted, we hailed a cab to Harlem where we would stay the next few days with a family friend.

That night I set the alarm and of course, it didn't go off in the morning. But we managed to get up in time to get to the check in location (Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and 7th Ave) so I could get my author badge. We then hauled everything to my table and chair location at G21. By 10am, I had my table set up with my books, and other displays - ready to go. At first, the temperature was not too bad but as the day went on, I was guzzling several bottles of water just to quench my thirst and wiping sweat from my brow with a towel. Thank God for the beach umbrella because the tree where my table was located hardly provided us with much shade.

Anyway, I met quite a few interesting people throughout the day, including fellow authors like Omar Tyree and some friends who stopped by to say hello. I also had a few folks stopped by asking whether it was best to self-publish or go the traditional route with a publishing house, whether I could read the first few chapters of their novels, whether I had considered writing about the impact of war on soldiers coming home to their wives to others who simply liked the title of my book but then proceeded to say they didn't read that genre (romantic-suspense) any more.

Overall, I made several sales (special thanks to everyone who supported me), met some cool people including book club members - some from Maryland and even snagged an interview with Seriously Sensual blogtalk radio on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 8 pm. I'm really excited about that. So stay tuned!

Would I do this event next year? Hmm, yes but hopefully it won't be such a hot day :)

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