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Monday, July 4, 2011

"Happy July 4th"

I started off celebrating my July 4th weekend by hanging out with friends on Saturday at the Half Note Lounge in Bowie, MD. This is one of my favorite spots where there is live entertainment that will keep you on the dance floor for hours. The next day I decided to sleep in and missed my kickboxing class but I deserved staying in bed on a Sunday.

Today, the official day for celebrating the independence holiday, a lot of folks are out enjoying a good barbeque with family. As for me, I worked out at the gym earlier in the morning, will probably have a light meal for dinner and spend the rest of the day writing. Some of my friends would say "how exciting." But I need to use the time that I have without any interruption to stay on target to finish my second novel.

So, Happy July 4th everyone and celebrate it anyway you like!

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